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February 19
Tuesday, February 19th

The announcements posted today reflect those which were read this morning. Please be aware that changes could occur during the day (cancellations, etc.)           and we might not be able to amend them.  




OK Broncos, we’re on to focusing on being “Motivated”! We want to focus on striving to be our best in the classroom and outside of it. Do you set goals? One goal you could set for yourself right now is to be at the next school reward on March 25th, which is less than five weeks away. Almost 500 students enjoyed the afternoon at the magic show last week instead of being in class. Hopefully we’ll have even more than that next time. Make a decision now that you will do your very best to be at the next reward by being motivated to be the best STOMPer you can be! This week’s motivational quote is: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”. Be motivated today Broncos. 





Lunch Hour Activities:  (only read the current day) 




Lori’s Room 


No School 



Grade 8 



Grade 6 

Grade 7 


Grade 7 

Grade 8 


All Grades 






Ski and Snowboard Club -today after school - remember to be excused NO EARLIER than 2:35 



Girls basketball – Congratulations! You are Champions. The girls won all four games this weekend at the Tier 4 championship. Congrats to Clancy MacIntyre, Kassidy Robicheau-Busson, Evie Hargraves, and Kate MacNeill who were all named players of the game. The girls pay today after school in our gym against Forest Hills. 


Student council- Today, Tuesday and tomorrow, Wednesday student council will be selling Heart-o-Grams in front of the backstage doors of the auditorium. They are available from 11:55 to 12:15 the prices are 1 for 1$ and 3$ dollars for 5 and 10 for 10$ 


Boys basketball – A 3 game win took the boys into the finals. After giving it their all they came out with Silver. Congrat’s, and a shout out to all the boys on 4 great games. The boys are back at it with a game today at Forest Hills 



Bayside Volleyball Clinic  - our final clinic is this Sunday from 630-8, please make every effort to attend as tryouts for the school teams will be right after March break and this could give you that little edge over someone else trying out for varsity or jv. 





Senior BandPractice  Thursday at noon 


Beginner Band –  Tuesday at noon and Thursday after school.  


Choir – Choir practice Friday at noon 




GSAGSA meets on Tuesdays, in Mrs. Sabin’s room. All are welcome! 



Heritage Fair (Monday and Thursday Feb 11 and 14th)- With teacher’s permission, participants will meet in the library every Thursday during SSR for the weekly check in on the Heritage Fair. Please bring any research you have conducted and be prepared to discuss your project with each other and Mr. Robinson. 


FI QUEBEC TRIP:  Meeting today (Feb. 19th) in the auditorium at 12:15 to go over very important information.  If it’s an indoor lunch, we will postpone the meeting as we don’t have the space for 72 students anywhere else in the building. 


High School Open Houses-   Registration forms are due tomorrow at noon. No excuses.


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