October 7th                           HVHS Play – Anything Goes
October 8th & 9th                 Professional Learning Days for Teachers (No School For Students)
October 12th                         Thanksgiving
October 15th                         Family Movie Night – Minions
October 20th                         Grade 7 Immunization
October 27th -31th             (Halloween Pumpkin Carving, Haunted House & Dance).    
Thank you to all of the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in the school’s “Ice Cream Sundae Social/Meet The Staff/ Family Movie Night/” on September 17th. The event was well attended and serves as a springboard opportunity for communication between our parental community and the school staff. Very Special thanks to the wonderful Parent School Support Committee for hosting the Ice Cream Sundae treats.
We are pleased to report that as a result of this meeting, the following people have offered to serve on the Parent School Support Committee for this school year:
Mr. Art Sisk (Principal)                                                            Chris McAllister (co-chair)
Ms. Evelyn McNulty                                                    Rhoda Welshman (co-secretary)
Tracy Allen                                                                  Ms. Deborah Stafford (co-secretary)                          
Chris Piccott (co-chair)                                                            April Worden                          
Mr. Lawrence (Teacher Rep.) 
The role of the PSSC is to advise the principal, enhance student learning and development, and enrich education for all children by increasing family and community involvement. The next meeting is scheduled for October 16th at 6:30 and all meetings are open to parents and the public.
As part of the Health/Personal Growth Curriculum, students will be leaning about human growth and development.  Topics taught will include: endocrine system, changes of adolescence, male and female anatomy and function, fertilization, and healthy relationships. Teaching a child about the facts of human reproduction is only one part of a growth and development unit. The development of a child’s attitudes, emotions, character and values is also important. Parents have the primary responsibility to provide guidance in these areas for their children. By law, you may excuse your child from participation in classes that include content that is contrary to your religious or personal beliefs. Your child may be exempted from one or more lessons. We encourage you to contact the school before considering this option. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher. If non-participation is your choice, your child will be required to complete an alternative unit of study.
Scholastic book orders are available for this month for interested students. Students can see their homeroom teacher for details. The actual orders will be coordinated by Mr. Ringuette and his homeroom class.
Thanks to the support of our school’s staff the school Hot Lunch Program began this week. .  Order forms will be sent home with the students every Friday and returned along with the money each Monday morning BEFORE 9AM. If your child is absent or forgot to send in the order please call the school on Monday morning before 9 as we need to let Stone Soup Catering know by then.
Also, as the food is ordered ahead of time no refunds or credit will be given for students who are absent on days that they ordered. Your support with the delivery of this program is very well appreciated.
*NOTE: We are unable to accommodate late orders.
 Beaconsfield Middle School is actively seeking new ideas to reflect our efforts to promote healthy life styles. To support our efforts we closely follow the New Brunswick Department of Education Nutrition Policy. We have always been a very active community continually seeking ways to enhance the fitness level and wellness of students, and to promote healthy living practices for everyone in our community. Your ideas and input would be well appreciated.
The boys’ and girls’ soccer seasons are in full swing. The boys have been practicing and playing very well and should be proud of their efforts. The girls are doing very well in their season games also.  Special thanks to Mrs. Nugent for coordinating and coaching the girls’ team, Mr. Sisk for the boys’ team, and of course the parents that transport our students for making this sport opportunity available to students of our school community.
After a round table meeting a couple of years ago with various active volunteers within our community, it was decided that members of the community will continue this program under the umbrella of a community hockey program. It will no longer carry the title of School Hockey, nor will it be associated with our schools directly however, registration forms and payment can still be submitted to the school.  Parents are assured that a community hockey program will be available and volunteers are needed. Mr. Art Comeau and Mr. Ernie Ring will be involved in the coordination of the hockey program and would appreciate any support that can be offered by schools, parents and community.
As we get closer to the academic reporting period, parents should realize that the teachers at the school are available every day after school to help students get caught up on missed work or to clarify issues regarding assignments or assessments.
ASD-S is seeking the support of the community in an effort to enhance family and community partnerships. A survey is available on the ASD-S website, and on each school website for use by parents/families until Thanksgiving weekend.  
A reminder to all parents that the front of the school is a designated school bus area designed for the loading and the unloading of students. All vehicle operators are asked to refrain from parking in the area directly in front of the school and always avoid idling vehicles in the area of the school. Your cooperation is very well appreciated.
Parents are advised that the patterns in school age children can be an indicator of communicative disease occurrence in the community. Disease prevention and control efforts depend on your participation in the reporting process. Communicative disease cases that occur among students and staff at school should be reported so that interventions can be put in place to deter the development of disease in our school communities.  Schools often receive information about potential communicative concerns such as head lice, pink eye, bed bugs, scabies and many others. It is important that these situations be confirmed by a physician and treatment be provided accordingly, if it is deemed necessary by physician. The school will make every effort to share particular concerns or patterns with the community when necessary. The support of the community is well appreciated.  As usual at this time of year we have reports about students and lice. We ask parents to support our efforts at school in educating your children about preventative practices such as the sharing of hats, hair brushes, water bottles etc. Your attention to this matter is very well appreciated.
A HUGE thanks to Value Village for donating hockey equipment and non-perishables to our lunch program!                                                                         
 The Port of Saint John and the City of Saint John for supporting our Pat On The Back program.
Costco for donating to our Ice Cream Sundae Social.