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June 01
June Newsletter

Beaconsfield Middle School
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JUNE 2017
Dates to Note:
May 31st – June 2nd                              Grade 6 Provincial Assessments                                               
June 8th             12:00 PM                     SJEC Track and Field Meet
June 9th – 13th                                      Ottawa Excursion
June 19th                                              School Wide Clean & Resources collection
                        10:00AM                     Extra-curricular Award Assembly
June 20th                                              Team Excursions
June 21st           5:00PM                        Grade 8 Dinner
                        6:30PM                        Farwell Dance
June 22nd                                              Academic Awards Assembly
June 23rd                                              Last Day For Students
June 26th & 27th                                   Administrative Days for Staff
We are very proud to report that our students did very well at the UNBSJ Math Competitions held on May 12th.  All students performed very admirably according to the feedback from organizers.  Special thanks to Mr. Clark for coordinating this extended learning opportunity and to UNB staff and students for organizing the event.
Many thanks to Mrs. Kennedy-Fulton, Jill Roberts and the planning committee for coordinating the Career Fair held at the school on May17th. This was an excellent opportunity for the school community to come together to share interesting information about potential careers. In addition very special thanks to all of the presenters that volunteered their time to be with us for the morning. The students certainly appreciated the efforts from all involved in this tremendous endeavor.
Parents are reminded to reinforce the School District Policy for cell phone, cameras and electronic device usage at school (306.6) as these devices are a serious distraction to learning in schools. It is important that students not have these items out or in use at any time during the hours of instruction which is basically from the time of arrival at school until the time of dismissal and photos on personal devices at school are not to be taken at any time.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
Very special thanks go to all those generous individuals who took their time and energy to track down “Pat On The Back” prizes for the students of the school throughout the school year. Your efforts in giving to the community are certainly honourable and very well appreciated by all.
The school based “Baby Think It Over” program is a unique learning opportunity for grade 8 students at the school and is offered to students interested in participating.  School staff, students and parents are reminded that these “Beac Babies” are a real asset for our school’s learning community and they must be taken care of so that we can continue to offer this program as part of our personal development curriculum. Your support in helping supervise these in the community is very well appreciated by all involved.
Our school drama club members under the careful supervision and support of Mr. Lawrence did a tremendous job with this year’s production of “The Lizard of Oz” that was presented to the local grade 5 students from the feeder schools (St Patrick’s School, Havelock School and Seawood School), the student body of Beaconsfield and the grade 3 & 4 classes from St Patrick’s School in the afternoon at 1:30 and then to the parents and community in the evening at 7:00 on May 10th.  The support for set construction, dance, props and costumes by parents, staff and the community is very well appreciated.
We would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Mrs. Campbell and the flag football team on representing BMS for the second straight year. The past weekend our teamed joined seven others in a Friday/Saturday tournament at Shamrock Field. Congratulations to all those involved!
The Grade 8 Farewell Celebration consisting of a Grade 8 POTLUCK Dinner and Dance is scheduled to take place on the evening of June 21st. The Grade 8 Student & Staff Farewell Dinner is organized by the parents and PSSC, and is followed by the year end dance which is open to all students in all grades. Students and parents are reminded that this is a semi-formal celebration that requires dress to be casual-dress (No jeans, shorts, or t-shirts) as we are celebrating the grade 8 students moving on to high school. All students must be dressed accordingly in order to attend. The theme this year is ‘The Red Carpet’.
All parents/guardians of students that have medical conditions should review with the school the expectations with regards to emergencies. This is of particular concern for students with life threatening allergies this time of year, with the threat of insect bites, for planning purposes for school excursions. Please advise the school of any changes in your child’s condition or treatment expectations.
We have many students in our school who signed up for our ‘Plant It Forward’ – Foster Plants initiative, where students signed up to have ‘foster plants’ they take home, care for, and bring back June 9th. The students will be embarking upon a gardening project that will take place at the Carleton Kirk Senior Housing Development on this date. This is a great opportunity for students to develop a sense of citizenship and ownership in their community. Our school will be working in partnership with the Carleton Kirk Lodge as part of our efforts to expand our student’s opportunities to be global citizens. Just as we did last year, we will be planting flowers throughout their front court yard as well as around our school. Students are asked to bring forward the flowers to school for this event.
The community is in need of some good homestay families for September's international student arrival. Mrs. Maggie Power, coordinator of homestay arrangements in our area is reaching out to families for some help in acquiring more homestay families within a local radius of west side middle schools.  This is a great opportunity for families and further information can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Power at 693 7447 (h) 343 3575 (c) for further information.
There is a very important meeting on May 30th at the School for all parents and students that are participating in the trip to Ottawa from June 9th – 13th. Whereas the trip coordinators will be going over the trip itinerary in detail along with packing list, rules and expectations, attendance is mandatory for all involved.
Teacher teams have been busy researching opportunities for yearend excursions and details will be made available very soon. The teams intend to participate in school educational excursions on June 20th as a team celebration activity and we hope that all students are able to participate.
Parents are asked to please check around the bedrooms of their children for school uniforms, t-shirts, school equipment and text books as these items should be returned to the school as soon as possible. Your support is very well appreciated.
The Staff of BMS would like to wish our students and their families a safe and fun summer! We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!
A fond goodbye to our Grade 8’s who are moving on to high school. Have a great summer and good luck next school year!
The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self- respect springs”.                                   Joan Didion

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