M Gerald Teed

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  • Teed celebrates 100 Days of school with Keith Mullins!
    ​All students of Teed were able to participate in drumming lessons throughout the day with drummer Keith Mullins. ... Read More
  • Too much snow for swinging!
  • Skating with Teed!
  • Mrs. Bernard shares her family's heritage with us!


School Mission

M. Gerald Teed's mission is to prepare children to succeed in future endeavors by providing an environment in which social, academic and emotional skills are developed in accordance with individual needs and abilities.


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Start Time
End Time
All Day Event
Report Cards3/27/2017 12:00 AM3/27/2017 11:59 PMYes
Book Fair3/30/2017 12:00 AM3/30/2017 11:59 PMYes
Parent Teacher Meetings3/30/2017 4:00 PM3/30/2017 7:00 PM
Parent Teacher Meetings3/31/2017 12:30 PM3/31/2017 2:30 PM
Book Fair3/31/2017 5:00 PM3/31/2017 6:00 PM
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