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March 28
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March 28
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December 04
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Anita LawtonYear: 2018-2019
Amber BishopYear: 2018-2019amber.bishop@nbed.nb.ca
Ashley LavoieYear: 2018-2019
Summer Duchesneau and April WIlson (alternate)Year: 2018-2019summer.duchesneau@nbed.nb.ca
Faith Kennedy2018-2019cyc@nb.aibn.com 
Bethany Kennedy2018-2019
Lori McGarity2018-2019
Kelly Osbourne2018-2019
Leslie Smillie2018-2019
Alexandra Torcat2018-2019
Laura Vargas2018-2019
Crystal Whitlock-Upshaw2018-2019
Sabrina McFarlane2018-2019
Nicholas Orchard-Belyea2018-2019
Lisa Wiechmann2018-2019

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