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March 31
French Immersion Registration Families of Kindergarten and Grade 5 students

March 30, 2023

Hello ASD-W Kindergarten and Grade 5 Families,

This is a reminder that online registration is now open for our Grade 1 Early French Immersion and Grade 6 Late French Immersion programs for the 2023-2024 school year. Registrations received by April 17, 2023, will assist in informing the formation of classes for 2023-2024.

Before registering your child, we ask that you review the information posted on the ASD-W website.

Register your child here: https://forms.office.com/r/PaHZEMn90d.​

November 09
Sunbury West Updated Operational Plan
November 05
School Clothing Orders

Sunbury West School clothing orders may now be ordered online at:


September 03
School Operational Plan 2020/2021

Here is the updated operational plan for Sunbury West School for the 2020/2021 School Year.


SWS Operational Plan 2020 2021 (002).docxSWS Operational Plan 2020 2021 (002).docx


August 31
Hello Again,
Your enthusiasm for chekking out our transportation tab on the website has resulted in a temporary "crash"!  For the 200 (and counting) individuals who have replied to the COVID-19 email address indicating that the site doesn't work, thank you for letting us know.  Please allow this email to serve as the formal response to your message.  For those who try from this point forward...if it doesn't work, it is likely due to the high volume of individuals who are trying to get the information at this time.  We have more than 17 000 students eligible for busing.  There is not a need to advise us that it isn't working.  I recommend you wait a few hours to try again or even give it a try tomorrow.  I wish to reassure you it works...we tried it with about 25 different families. 
Thank you for your patience.
David McT

August 31
Busing information
Hello ASD-W Families,
You can now go to our website to find out your eligibility for busing and, if eligible, the times and locations for your pick up and drop off according to your address.  If you have an alternate address for pick up or drop, then enter that address into the system.  Please remember that, as per my email last Monday, you are required to register the alternate pick up or drop off location by emailing asdw.ptms@nbed.nb.ca .  Thank you to the 700+ who have done this so far.  I also acknowledge that many of you have chosen to "opt out" of transportation for this year.  Should there need to be a change with this decision, please contact our transportation office at the same email. 
David McTimoney
ASD-W.nbed.nb.ca > Transportation or https://asdwbp.nbed.nb.ca/TransportationEligibility

August 28
Bus information

Hello ASD-W Families,

We were unable to get the bus routes uploaded to the website by the end of the day.  Currently on our website and under the transportation tab, you can enter your address, grade and program information to identify/confirm your assigned school, but a few more steps are required to before access to the bus runs is available.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

I will write again next week with an update.

Have a nice weekend.

David McTimoney, Superintendent

PS...I understand that the texts I am sending out are not arriving as a single text for some.  We are looking into this!

August 27
More information from the Superintendent

Good Evening ASD-W Families,

One great way to make payments for various items and services at your child's school is to do so online through a system called "School Cash Online".  This system will allow you to make payments to the school with ease and will also improve documentation of the purchase and money management for the school.  I encourage you to visit our website (ASD-W.nbed.nb.ca) and click on the "School Cash Online" tab to register...it is very easy.

Tomorrow, I will send another notice about transportation and how to check your details on our website.  The transportation team have been working all week to have the system ready for tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

David McTimoney, Superintendent​

August 27
Superintendent Message
Hello Anglophone West Families,
Education in New Brunswick is mandatory and attendance at school is an important component to a student’s learning and well-being.  However, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some students whose needs will impact their attendance.
Students who Cannot Physically Attend School
If a student has a medical condition and is recommended by a health professional to not attend school in person, a learning plan will be provided by their assigned teacher, developed by a school based educational support team.  Likewise, if a student lives with an immunocompromised household member and is required to stay home as recommended by a health professional (the condition prevents the student from attending school), the student will be provided with a plan to continue learning at home.  Families will be required to provide medical documentation in these cases.  Students within a vulnerable population are encouraged to consult with their health care provider to determine if they should attend school.
If your child has received a recommendation from a health care provider to remain home from school this year, please contact your child’s school the week of August 31.
Students Permitted to Physically Attend High School Daily
For students in grades 9-12, attendance may be impacted by a student’s individual needs, or vulnerability.  A recommendation may be made for some students, particularly those students who may be deemed high-needs, to attend school every day, and not on a rotational schedule.  Amongst vulnerable students, the decision regarding their physical presence in school will be made by the District and School Educational Support Services teams in consultation with families, and medical professionals or support specialists as required.
Students may be recommended to physically attend school every day if they have an Individualized Personalized Learning Plan (PLP-IND), an Individual Behaviour Support Plan, or are beginner English language learners.  In some cases, this also may include students with significant mental health needs, students in the care of Department of Social Development, or students who have other individualized needs.  The special circumstances will be determined at the school level with the support of the District, as required.
Families with students who are part of a vulnerable population should expect to hear from their child’s school regarding their attendance prior to the first day of school if it applies.
Families Wishing to Home School
Students who have not received a recommendation from a medical professional or the District to remain home from school, but whose family has decided to not send them to school for any reason will be required to complete an Annual Home-School Request Form and choose alternate means for schooling.  In these cases, the child’s family agrees to provide for their education.  Students will not be assigned to a class or school and will not receive virtual or remote instruction from a teacher.  Neither schools nor the District are required to supply resources or services for the educational programming of children being home-schooled. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development publishes and makes available curriculum documents describing grade level outcomes for each area of the curriculum. More information about home-schooling in NB can be found on our district website in the days ahead.
High School Student Laptops
For high school students; please remember that there will now be an expectation for them to bring their own electronic devices for learning beginning in September as part of a shift toward a more personalized, collaborative and tech-based learning model.
The following link shows the recommended specifications for devices:
A subsidy program is available for students from low and middle-income families who do not currently own a device.  Families will be provided with up to $600 per high school student to purchase a laptop through the program, depending on their eligibility.  Details about the subsidy program can be found here:
For information or if you have trouble signing in please contact 1-833-901-1963.  If you are ineligible to receive a subsidy but would like to take advantage of a discounted price, you can purchase your computer through the company IMP Solutions.  You may access their site at
David McTimoney, Superintendent

August 26
Fall update from our Superintendent
Hello Anglophone West Families,
Each school principal in ASD-W is currently preparing an "Operational Plan" that will help guide everyone for a safe return to school.  A general template for the operational plan can be found in Appendix H of the "Return to School:  Direction for School Districts and Schools" document that can be found on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) website
It looks like EECD recently updated this document by adding new information about physical education and sports activities.  I know there was a press conference today regarding these topics.  Please remember...this provincial guide is a living document and one that we refer to continuously.  I encourage you to review it as well.
The school operational plans will be available publicly on September 3.  The plan will be reviewed by the district prior to it's release.  You will hear from your school on how to access the document on that day.  You can also expect to hear from your school in the near future (if not already) on a variety of other important items such as a staggered re-entry (if applicable), school start and end times and any other special notes.
We remain committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of our 23 000 students.
Have a good evening.
David McTimoney,

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