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August 30
Soccer Coaches Needed!

​SWS is looking for qualified individuals interested in coaching middle school soccer.  We are in need of coaches for both the boys and the girls teams.  Anyone who is interested should contact Mr. Doucette at the school by phone 368-2900 or by email stephen.doucette@nbed.nb.ca 

March 04
Basketball schedule / Volleyball coaches needed

Hello Folks, 

Welcome to March Break!!  A few items on the sports page for SWS today. 

The basketball season will resume after the March Break with a week of makeup games (see calendar).  The following week we will get into basketball playoffs.  All of this weather permitting.  Once basketball is complete, we will roll into volleyball season.  Coaches are in place for varsity girls and junior varsity/triple ball girls teams as well as varsity boys.  We are hoping to be able to have a JV or triple ball team for boys this year.  For this to happen, we will need a coach(es).  If it is a grade 6 team then it will be a triple ball team.  If the makeup of the team is grade 6/7, then it would be a JV team.  If anyone is interested you can contact the school.  The ideal candidate will have volleyball and coaching experience.  First aid is a definite asset.​

December 14
practice change

The boys basketball team have changed their practice time for this evening .  They will now practice tonight from 5:30-7:00 pm.  The girls basketball team will still have their regular practice time tomorrow from 3:15-4:30.  Unfortunately, at this time, due to the recent Covid restrictions, only grade 7 & 8 players may practice.​

November 15
basketball tryouts

SWS Basketball tryouts may now be held that we are back in school.  The boys and girls first tryout is posted to the sports calendar. 

These tryout are open to students in grade 6, 7, & 8. Students who are interested are asked to sign up on the bulletin board outside the gym.  Those who are born in 2009 or before must be able to show proof of double vaccination in order to participate.  Those who are born in 2010 do not have to be vaccinated at this time.  Players will be expected to sanitize their hands and be masked as they enter the building and when they are not playing (huddles, filling water bottle, sitting on a bench etc).  Players should come dressed appropriately for the activity, and should have their own water bottles.​

October 29
coaches needed

We are still in need of a head coach for the boys basketball team.  If you know someone who is qualified and would like to coach the SWS boys basketball team, please contact the school at 368-2900 or email stephen.doucette@nbed.nb.ca

October 13
Boys Basketball Coach Needed

SWS is currently looking for a qualified person to head coach the boys basketball team.  If interested or if you know someone who is interested, please contact Mr Doucette at the school, by phone 368-2900 or email stephen.doucette@nbed.nb.ca  

The basketball season will begin in November and run until late December/early January.​

September 23
cross country

There is a sign up sheet on the gym bulletin board for any SWS Middle School student who may be interested in the sport of cross country.  All SWS students in grades 6, 7, & 8 may sign up.  There are expectations regarding Covid vaccination in order to participate and they are highlighted below.  Our hope is that we will get to compete against other schools from the Oromocto Education Centre grouping of schools.


  1. Proof of vaccination now must be shown to participate.  Please show Mr. Doucette (No need to send electronically) Students Born in 2010 or after are exempt.
  2. Students born between July 1st 2009 and December 31st 2009 have until October 31st to be double vaccinated.  They can keep participating but no extensions will be given after October 31st
  3. Students who get their second vaccine are eligible to play immediately​
September 08
extra lockers available

SWS Middle School students have the option to rent an extra locker in the gym locker area.  The lockers are useful for those who wish to leave their Phys ed gear or those student athletes who would like to have the extra space.  Locker rentals are voluntary.  If your student would like to rent an extra locker, in the gym locker room area, the cost is $15/half locker and $25/full locker.  Upon receipt of payment, your student will receive a lock issued by the school and a locker until June 2022.  Payments can be made by school cash online (preferred), cash or cheque made out to Sunbury West School and a receipt will be issued.


If you have any question please contact Mr. Doucette at the school.


Thank you​

September 03
coaches needed

Hello Folks, 

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year at Sunbury West School. 

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to coach in the sports of cross country and soccer for boys and girls teams.  Interested individuals should contact Mr. Doucette at the school by phone 368-2900 or by email stephen.doucette@nbed.nb.ca  

Also, We will be updating the email sports list.  If you wish to be removed from these emails then please respond and let Mr. Doucette know.  If you wish to receive sports updates by email, then he is happy to do so. ​

May 28
Rugby Skills & Drills

Rugby Skills & Drills is currently scheduled for the coming week. Please check the sports calendar for dates/times.  Only those who have signed up with Mr Sandford may participate.  This is limited to 20 participants.  Please see below for Covid operational plan.

R​ugby Intramural

Traffic Flow:

Players would be asked to arrive and enter the field 15 minutes prior and post game/practice. Parents are encouraged to drop off and return for pick up as they are not permitted to stay to watch. Only players/participating members will be allowed on the playing surface..

Practice structure:

Practices will focus on individual skills, passing drills, game structures/formations and touch variations.


Each player is required to show up dressed for each session, changing rooms will not be open for use but washrooms will be available onsite. Sharing of water bottles and any other personal items are strictly prohibited. Players are reminded to respect personal boundaries and follow school rules.


Sanitizer will be available upon entering and exiting the field, balls will be sanitized before and after each session and twice during each practice and between each competition.

Group Size:


Max team roster of 15 athletes for touch Rugby 7s and 20 athletes for touch Rugby 10s.

Attendance: Attendance of players will be manually tracked each practice/session. No spectators allowed in the playing area (field compound)

Game Play:

Rugby 7s match time will be 20 minutes

Scrums are not permitted and it will be replaced by a free kick.

Line outs continue with a limited number allowed in the line out (max of 5 player per team) and no maul.

Officials will limit the time the ball can be in ruck - if over 5seconds play will be stopped.

While on the sideline, teams must be physically distanced with coaches wearing masks and players wearing a wear a mask.

Balls to be washed and rotated at each quarter or after drills

Mandatory hand sanitizing for all players on field at each quarter before and after drills​

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