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May 28
Rugby Skills & Drills

Rugby Skills & Drills is currently scheduled for the coming week. Please check the sports calendar for dates/times.  Only those who have signed up with Mr Sandford may participate.  This is limited to 20 participants.  Please see below for Covid operational plan.

R​ugby Intramural

Traffic Flow:

Players would be asked to arrive and enter the field 15 minutes prior and post game/practice. Parents are encouraged to drop off and return for pick up as they are not permitted to stay to watch. Only players/participating members will be allowed on the playing surface..

Practice structure:

Practices will focus on individual skills, passing drills, game structures/formations and touch variations.


Each player is required to show up dressed for each session, changing rooms will not be open for use but washrooms will be available onsite. Sharing of water bottles and any other personal items are strictly prohibited. Players are reminded to respect personal boundaries and follow school rules.


Sanitizer will be available upon entering and exiting the field, balls will be sanitized before and after each session and twice during each practice and between each competition.

Group Size:


Max team roster of 15 athletes for touch Rugby 7s and 20 athletes for touch Rugby 10s.

Attendance: Attendance of players will be manually tracked each practice/session. No spectators allowed in the playing area (field compound)

Game Play:

Rugby 7s match time will be 20 minutes

Scrums are not permitted and it will be replaced by a free kick.

Line outs continue with a limited number allowed in the line out (max of 5 player per team) and no maul.

Officials will limit the time the ball can be in ruck - if over 5seconds play will be stopped.

While on the sideline, teams must be physically distanced with coaches wearing masks and players wearing a wear a mask.

Balls to be washed and rotated at each quarter or after drills

Mandatory hand sanitizing for all players on field at each quarter before and after drills​


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