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May 14
IEarn Projects for the Fall of 2014

Here is an opportunity for you and your students to connect, learn , communicate and collaborate with students on a global level.

The International Art Miles Project is a fabulous project that is funded through the Ministry of Education in Japan. When you apply for this project, you will be paired with a classroom in Japan to learn about an aspect of each other’s culture, community and country. Through interactions in a password protected forum space, the students communicate with each other while planning the creation of a 12X 5 foot mural. Half of the mural is painted by the students  in Japan and half is painted by your students. All of the materials are supplied however, the only cost to your school is shipping the mural back to Japan.
If you are interested in joining this project, please complete the project application by following this link:
The Teddy Bear Project is also accepting applications for next school year. To find a partner for this project, simply sign in to the iEARN Collaborations
and go to the project space. Search for the Teddy Bear Project, go to the forums and find your age group. Simply put the information in the forum and request a partner for September. That way you will be ready to go with your collaboration at the beginning of the school year.

If you require any assistance or would like more information on iEarn projects , please contact one of the technology mentors.