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December 04
Broken photocopier

​Dear parents, the photocopier is broken so there is no homework sheet. Your child has written down the ortho words for the week, but I will put them here as well in case they are not spelled correctly.

1, chacun/ chacune

2. chez

3. le chocolat

4.méchant/ méchante

5. acheter

6. cacher

7. marcher



10. arracher

Also, in math we are working on division. Your child has written down some questions. They can use counters, or pennies if they need to, but many of them can do it in their head.

ex. 22divided by 5   they think 5x4= 20, so it is 4 r 2. 

Continue practicing multiplicaion as well and they can practice their concert song on Youtube

It is Au royaume de bonhomme hiver. 

Make sure you keep on reading!



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