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December 11
les devoirs de la semaine.

​Hello parents, this will be the last week of homework before the Christmas Break. Unfortunately, we still dont have a photocopier, so I will put the words here.


1. une année

2. une moitié     ( a half )

3. l'été

4. déjà

5. préférer

6. préparer

7. au cinéma

8. décider

9. découvrir

10. réussir     ( to succeed)

They do have books to read and should continue practicing their times tables. Most of them have caught onto division very quickly. If your child had trouble on the test, I will be working with him or her this week, but alot of the time, it is because they don't know their times tables well enough. 

The concert is on Thursday this week from 9-11. 

Have fun in the snow!!! Marnie Schwarz


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