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March 26
ASD-W Update

Good Evening Families of Anglophone West School District,

I wish to provide you with some updates and reminders pertaining to your child's schooling at this time.

  • School District and Department of Education officials continue to work on plans for a continuation of learning despite the closure of schools at the current time.  As noted in the recent memo from the Deputy Minister, students and parents should not expect specific instruction from their teachers until early April.  A plan for continued learning will be communicated with everyone when it is ready.  The current focus is on safety, health, well-being and families.
  • There will be no April Report Cards issued for this school year.  This is a province-wide decision.
  • In the interest of safety for all, school playgrounds are now closed for use by the public.  Signs will be posted as soon as possible to support this message.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • We have made some improvements to our website which will allow for easier access to relevant information and support.  We will continue to populate the site and I encourage you to visit it often.  The ASD-W website can be found at asd-w.nbed.nb.ca .  One helpful document, titled "Emotional Well Being Importance Connection", is found on the site and can be seen by connecting with this link:  https://secure1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-W/coronavirus/Wellness%20Documents/Emotional%20Well%20Being%20Importance%20Connection.pdf

We encourage you to respect the parameters in place in our province during the current State of Emergency, including social distancing.  We all have a part to play in minimizing the risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you.

David McTimoney, Superintendent


March 20
ASD-W Updates on School Closures

Families of Anglophone West School District,

You will find, below, a memo from the Deputy Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development for the Anglophone Sector, George Daley.  In this message, Mr. Daley indicates that the school system is closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All New Brunswickers, including school staff and students, need to follow the direction that has been outlined by the recent NB State of Emergency that was declared on March 19.  While the day will come when we start looking at lessons, assignments, learning and schooling in general, the focus right now remains on safety, health, wellness and family.  As noted in the Deputy Minister's memo, parents and students should not expect home learning options until April at the earliest.  District and Department staff, followed by school staff, will prepare for the focus on learning as we approach the day for it to begin.  I have advised all school administrators and staff that they are not to be providing lessons or work of any sort until the time is right, even if requests are being made.

Resources to support students and families with their own wellness are being prepared and will be shared next week.  We have created a tab on our ASD-W website where we will share memos, resources and documents as they become available.  It is worth checking this site regularly, whether you are a parent, ASD-W employee or casual employee with our district.  Our website is http://asd-w.nbed.nb.ca .

Thank you for your support of schools and our district during these unprecedented times.  Please continue to focus on maintaining positive health in your homes.


David McTimoney, Superintendent

Deputy Minister Memo:  DM PARENT Memo March 20.pdf  (if unable to open this link, it will be uploaded to our website)​

March 15
Letter to Parents/Guardians & Students on School Closures due to COVID-19

Dear Parents/Guardian Students:

As you are aware, all schools in New Brunswick have been closed for two weeks, beginning March 16, 2020. As with every other school in the province, CNBA is scheduled to reopen on March 30, 2020; however, this date may change depending on the status of COVID- 19. I understand that the closure of school brings uncertainty; however, we will work through this together and all will be ok. I truly believe that decisions are being made in the best interests of public health & safety.

As per the direction provided by the Superintendent of Anglophone West School District (ASD-W), schools will only be accessible to those responsible for cleaning. Until further notice, the following guidelines will be adhered to:

·         No one, other than custodians, is permitted to enter the building.

·         Student work/lessons are not being assigned at this time.

·         Co-operative Education 120 students are not to attend their placements.

·         Students taking distance education/online courses can continue with their course at home.

As I receive information, I will do my best to get it to you in a timely manner. As we move forward, please keep in mind that the purpose of the school closure is to try to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 through self-isolation and social distancing. Public health experts are urging everyone to be aggressive in their efforts to “flatten the curve”. Everyone needs to take these actions seriously and stay safe”. Please take care of yourself, keep informed and stay positive.

COVID-19 information can be found at https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/biling/coronavirus.html

Yours in education,

Barbara A. Long

Principal of Central New Brunswick Academy




March 13
Public Health Advice
March 13
Memo- School Closure
March 13
Postponement of Sports and School Sponsored Events

​The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and School Districts are postponing all school-sponsored events involving students from different schools or the general public, until March 23 (or longer as required).  This cancellation includes chess tournaments, sports games, talent shows, symposiums, etc.  Routine school activities, such as sport practices, band or choir practices within the school may continue, at this time.  This decision was made in consultation with Public Health and the New Brunswick Interscholastic Athletic Association.

 The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development recognizes its directives have impacted many school-sponsored events such as interscholastic and extra-curricular sporting events and other planned activities.  Decisions such as these are made in the interest of health and safety.

 This measure will be reassessed as relevant information is made available.  This also constitutes an additional precaution to reduce risk in our institutions and communities.​ 

March 11
COVID-19 Information - MEMO #3
March 09
COVID-19  Information

The following information about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was distributed to parents via School Messenger from the Superintendent of ASD-W and the Minister of Education. .

Coronavirus (COVID-19) For Schools returning after March Break Final.pdfCoronavirus (COVID-19) For Schools returning after March Break Final.pdf

COVID-19 Memo 2 from Minister of Education - March 9, 2020.pdfCOVID-19 Memo 2 from Minister of Education - March 9, 2020.pdf

January 14
Sexual Health Research Survey

Attached is a Horizon Health research survey on sexual health education with the hopes of supporting parents in our province.  The school system has agreed to distribute this invitation to parents through our school communication channels.​

Social Media Promotion picture and Survey link English.docxSocial Media Promotion picture and Survey link English.docx

January 14
High School Assessment Week Schedule

Assessment week begins on Monday, January 20, 2020. A letter explaining the week and schedule was sent home last week with students; however, I am posting the letter and schedule here for you to have .... Letter to Parents re. Assessment Week January 2020.docxLetter to Parents re. Assessment Week January 2020.docx   

Assessment Schedule January 2020.docAssessment Schedule January 2020.doc

The grade 9 students and any grades 11 & 12 students who need to complete this graduation requirement, will be writing the English Language Arts Proficiency Assessment on Friday, January 17, 2020. Once this assessment is completed, students will continue with assessment review. 

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