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May 12

I will not be assigning math homework for the remainder of this school year.

I will ask that students continue to read 4 times a week for the month of May.  Please remind your child to continue filling in their Reading Log.​ 

Thank you!

May 01
May Outcomes
April 19
5Bray Snack Project presentation schedule updated

April 20

​Thursday:Max P. Alison

April 21

Friday: Katelynn, 

April 24

Monday: Aiden, Levi\Brandon/Nick, Sophia/Clara, Shyla/Kasen,

April 25

Tuesday: Jacob/Tye, Asmaa

April 25

Wednesday: Mo/Max S.

April 18
5Bray Snack Project example
April 18
5Bray Snack Project presentation template
April 18
5Bray Snack Project presentation schedule

​Thursday:Pax P. Alison

Friday: Aiden, Katelynn, Mo/Max S.

Monday: Levi\Brandon/Nick, Sophia/Clara, Shyla/Kasen,

Tuesday: Jacob/Tye, Asmaa

April 13
Thank You

A special thank you to ​parents that sent in ​snacks today.  The students enjoyed the special treats.  Have a wonderful long weekend with your family!

April 12
Coding 4 Allison

A memo was sent home regarding coding activities in 4 Allison. Here's the instructions to creat an account on Scratch. This info is to join the class acount.

Scratch” Information:

Website: www.scratch.mit.edu
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
Mme. Allison
Mme. Cormier



April 07
Homework April 10-14

There will not be any reading or math homework this week.  ​

April 07
Scholastic Book Orders

​April book orders will be due Thursday, April 13th. 

Please make cheques payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd.

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