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November 21
Parent Teacher Times

Your child will bring home your parent teacher time today. See you Thurs or Friday.​

November 17
December Book Orders

Please return your book order by December 1st.​

November 17
This Week in Gr 4 Burrell Nov 20-23

We have a short week with no school for student on Friday November 24th.

Parent Teacher Conferences will take place on Thursday 4-7 and Friday 9-12.

I am flexible with my times and will meet with you on Tuesday and Wednesday afterschool as well. We can also set up a phone interview if its difficult to attend in person.

Reading - Students are creating new goals for themselves this week based on our assessments we completed together.

Writing - Mr. Lakes will be instructing the students in writing this week. We are hopefully going to be able to publish a story for an author celebration on Thursday.

Word Wall Words - when, beautiful, first, they're

Math - We are developing our multiplication and division strategies for the next 4 weeks. Ms. Craig, a numeracy lead with the district will be in to help establish a guided math structure to meet the needs of the students.

If you need to contact me please send me an email or note to school.

November 14
December Book Orders

Scholastic book orders for December are due in Monday, November​ 20. 

Please make cheques payable to Scholatic Canada Ltd.

If you would like to order any items for gifts, please enclose a note with your order.  I will contact you when your order comes in and you can pick it up at the school.

November 10
This Week in Grade 4 Burrell - Nov 14-17
Important Dates
November 13 - No School
November 20 - Report Cards Home
November 23-24 - Parent Teacher Interviews
We have a few short weeks ahead with lots of assessment taking place before report cards go home. Mr. Lakes (St. Thomas Teacher Candidate) and I will be working closely with the students this week to help determine their reading, writing, math and health goals for report cards. Parent Teacher will take place next week, however, I am flexible with my times and will book a meeting on Tuesday after school, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday beginning at 3:15. A notice will be sent on on the 14th for you to return. If you do not feel the need to meet please let me know. I can also complete a phone interview if that is also easier for you.
Reading - Mr. Lakes will be conducting numerous read-alouds and mini lessons on reading strategies. Student’s wild be assessed as well for reporting purposes and next steps.
Writing – Students will develop a rubric of what good writing looks like to use for self-assessment purposes. Students will also be producing a piece of writing for reporting purposes and next step goals.
Math – We will have a numeracy lead join us from district over the next two weeks. During that time we will incorporate a guided math structure where students work independently and in small groups to show what they know.
December Scholastic – New flyers will be sent home this week and must be returned by Dec 1.

November 03
This Week in Gr. 4 Burrell

Students have a short week with no school Friday. Mr. Lakes, our student teacher from St. Thomas will be joing us this week until the end of December. He will eventually assume all teaching duties within the classroom. This week, the students will be introduced to coding and will have the opportunity to use the program found at code.org

​Upcoming Dates:

November 9 - Scholastic Orders Due

November 9- Remembrance Day Assembly

November 10 - No School for Students

November 13 - No School for Students

Writing - Students will be leanring/using a new planner for their writing. Students will be using this planner to organize their main idea and create interesting details.

Reading - Students will be assessed on their reding levels to determine new learning targets.

Word Wall Words - went, discover, journal, there, their

Math - We are working on mental math subtraction strategies and estimating differences.

October 31
November Outcomes
October 31
Word Wall Words - Oct 30-Nov 3

Here are the the 5 words to practice at home this week:


before, first, hopeless, let's, enough​

October 29
Our Week Ahead Oct 30-Nov 3


Here is a look at our fun and busy week ahead. 

Please do not forget our Halloween party & activities on Tuesday.  Students can bring in their items to the class as soon as they arrive at school, then head out for morning recess.

October 24
Creating a coding account

Here is the link for scratch:

“Scratch” Information:

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.


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