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May 30
Tower to Table

An Invitation To Attend Our


Where: Montgomery Street School Gym

When: Monday, June 17, 2019




With the nine classes involved in this project having nearly all visited with the Fredericton Food Bank’s chef Yves Deschenes for the second time, it is time to invite everyone from our school community to their “Tower to Table”

Food Expo and Celebration.


            Much has been learned and accomplished.  Students have:

            -visited Karen Verfloot’s and John Schuttenbeld’s farms to see where the food we eat comes from

            -learn about healthy eating and other healthy habits from “Freggie” and his friends (Jill Francoeur,             health nurse; Max and Whitney dietician interns, Shauna Miller,dietician; and Joe Crossland,  district             Phys. Ed. / wellness mentor)

            -prepared their own healthy meals and learned about food preparation and safety at the food bank

            -learned about plant growth and grew some of the food used in their Food Bank meals with the school’s           Tower Gardens

            -made healthy choices and learned about own strengths and talents

            -developed positive relationships within the community and their classes


            Now, students are using these talents and interests to prepare projects showing what they have learned             for you to view at our Expo.  Afterwards, pick up some healthy recipes and materials and check out             displays on:

            -organic gardening (John Coates, Fredericton Community Garden)

            -the latest nutritious foods (Michelle Lajoie, dietician, Atlantic Super Store)

            -all of the programs offered by the Fredericton Food Bank (Allison Juta)


A special thank you goes out to Wellness NB’s Community Food Action Program, which provided the $5000 grant that made much of this project possible; all the farmers and specialists who helped us; and parents and grandparents who accompanied us on field trips.


Schedule for Class Visits to the Expo:

Each class will have 30 minutes in the gym; when one group gets half way through the exhibits, the next class enters- 


8:30 AM           Mrs. Miller’s class

8:45 AM          Mrs. Eroh’s class

9:00 AM          Mrs. Chisholm’s class

9:15 AM          Mrs. Belyea’s class

9:30 AM          Madame Smith’s

9:45 AM          Monsieur Ross’ class

10:00 AM        Mrs. Casey Smith’s class


10:45 AM         Mrs. MacDonald’s class

11:00 AM        Mrs. Hunter’s class

11:15 AM        Madame Armstrong’s class

11:30 AM         Monsieur Lawson’s class

11:45 AM        Madame Toner’s class


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