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July 18
Modern History 113 Course Syllabus
July 18
Modern History 112 Course Syllabus
June 26
Class of 2024



The grade five farewell was held on Friday, June 23rd. 

The students are excited to make their move to the middle school.

Good luck to the entire class.


June 26
End of Year Cake

Grade Four ended the year off with an End of Year Cake to celebrate a great year

 in grade four.  ​The students were excited to see the unique design. 


June 19
Grade Three Field Trip

Our class field trip to the Nashwaak Watershed on Friday, June 16th was a huge success.

The students learned about ways to protect the watershed.  Their favorite activity was

critter dipping.



June 15
Grade Four Field Trip

The Grade Four class had a wonderful day in Fredericton ​visiting The York Sunbury Museum,

The New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame and Christ Church Cathedral. Highlights of the trip

 included the tale about the Coleman Frog, the Paris Crew and of course the ghost story

associated with the Cathedral. The students were well behaved and even received a

compliment from a couple as we treated ourselves with lunch at McDonalds.



June 08
June 8, 2017

Math 6 - page 294

​Math 7- page 323​

Math 8 - tessellation

Math 9 - project

June 06
June 6, 2017

​Math 6 - page 293

Math 7 - page 319

Math 8 - page 461

Math 9 - test tomorrow

June 06
June Bulletin Board

Mrs. MacBean's final bulletin board for the 2016-2017 school year.

We would like to thank her for all of her creativity this year.

Each month she dazzles us with another wonderful display.


June 05
June 5

Math 6 - page 293 # 1, 2, 3

​Math 7 - page 318 # 1, 2, 3

Math 8 - Page 476 #5

Maath 9 - test on Wednesday

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