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May 19
Science Projects

The grade four class planted bean seeds. They completed experiments with different conditions to see which gave the best growing conditions.​  They will now transplant these plants into the kindergarten garden.


May 19
Today was an exciting day for some students at Stanley Consolidated School.  Out Hackmatack group was lucky enough to have Joann Hamilton-Barry give a presentation on her book Oak Island and the Search for the Buried Treasure.   The students were enthralled during this excellent presentation.  Since most of the students had read her book, they knew some of the stories she referred to in her talk.
We invited the grade three class to join our presentation.  This was a definite hit with them as well.  It was an excellent way to introduce them to some of the activities of Hackmatack as well as spike their interest in joining our Hackmatack group next year. 
Joann had many little props to show the students as well as her outstanding Power Point describing some the mystery surrounding this interesting island.  She also took the time to answer all of the questions the students had. Overall, the presentation was excellent.  Joann’s background in teacher surfaced as she had no problem keeping the students excited and engaged the entire time.  Some of the students even want to visit Oak Island with their family.

May 18
May 18, 2017

Math 6 - page 202

​Math 7 - page 305

Math 8 - page 363

Math 9 - Unit 7 review

May 17
May 17 2017

Math 6 - page 201

​Math 7 - page 302

Math 8 - page 356

Math 9 - page 375

May 17
Fish Release

​After two months, our fish eggs have hatched and grown into fry.  This is a term used for baby salmon.  This afternoon, we released the fry into the Nashwaak River.  We hope they continue to grow and become adult salmon.


May 17
The Crucible Study Record due May 26 by the end of class
May 16
May 16 2017

​Math 6 - list attributes

Math 7 - complete measurements

Math 8 - page 356

Math 9 - page 374


May 16
May Bulletin Board

Mrs. MacBean has crowned the class in order to help us celebrate Victoria Day. 

 As always, she has outdone herself again.​


May 12
May 12th, 2017

Entrepreneurship 110: Unit Test on Tuesday, May 16th

May 11
May 11th, 2017

​​English 9: Short story due the end of class tomorrow

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