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November 04
Halloween for grade four and five


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November 03
Fire Safety Certificate Presentation


November 03
Extra Math Help

​Extra math help is available every Wednesday from 11:50-12:10. Additional help outside of this time is available upon request.

November 02
Calendar Helper October 31


November 02
November 2nd, 2017

English 122: "Hamlet" projects due tomorrow at the end of class

English 9: Descriptive assignments due tomorrow at the end of class​

October 20
Looking Ahead

Here is a look at what is coming up for work in Social Studies 9 & Modern History 11

Social Studies 9
Oct 25: Political Parties of Canada Project Due
Oct 27: Citizenship Test
Nov 02/03: Mid Term Exam

Modern History 11
Oct 23: Journal Check​
Oct 30/31: Mid Term Exam 

October 19
October 19th, 2017

Engllish 122: Novel Study Project due the end of class tomorrow

October 17
Writing Celebration

Students in the grade 3/4 classroom had their first writing celebration today. 

We toasted wonderful descriptive writing as well as the great ideas that were generated

for our very first personal narrative.  Students enjoyed cookies and apple juice as partnered

and enjoyed each other's wonderful work.






October 16
LA 6 - Autobiography Project

Autobiography Project
Due: October 27
Purpose: to give a true account of a your life
Orientation: introduce yourself, share at least 3 important events in the your life, and the reason why you choose those events
Events: important events are described in a logical order (chronological, order of importance, etc) with a transitional flow between each event (think transition words)
Conclusion: includes a personal response or an evaluative statement.
Special Features: -  supplemental texts (interviews, awards, newspaper clippings, foreword, afterword)
                                      - dialogue (where needed)
                                      - include facts about yourself (brainstorm ideas using the graphic organizer)
Specifics: -       Project can be typed (double spaced with 12 point font) or your neatest handwriting (double spaced pen)
-       2 pages in length
October 16
LA 7 - Picture Book Project
Picture Book Project
Due: Nov. 3
Purpose: to share a message through an imaginative experience
Orientation (time, place and characters): attempts to establish an emotional response through the development of character, setting, and plot and sets the mood or tone (humour, personalization, sarcasm)
Events: develop the main character, including insights into their actions and feelings, and build tension that leads to the climax
Resolution: the complication is generally resolved and the loose ends are tied up
Special Features

- use of literary devices to create imagery (metaphor, personification, idiom, hyperbole)
- connecting words related to time (later on, after that, )
- action verbs and verbs related to character’s thoughts and feelings
- include dialogue (with change in tense from past to present)
- pronouns refer to specific characters
-          10 pages in length (at least the size of half a 8 ½ x 11 page)
-          Writing and illustrations should appear on every page
-          Illustrations should be in color
-          Writing and illustrations can be hand drawn and neatly written or done on computer
-          Front cover due a week before the deadline so it can be laminated

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