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January 14
Mental Math

Ask math teachers what they would like their students to know and be able to do and the recall of basic math facts will undoubtedly rank high on most of their wish lists. Teachers recognize that once their students know 2 + 5, those students are better able to explore 20 + 50 or 22 + 55. Teachers recognize that students will have an easier time finding the solution to $1.20 + $1.50 or .21 + .53. As math tasks become more complex, we want our students to have a solid foundation for success. Mas­tery of basic facts provides the foundation for everyday mental math tasks.  


Mental Math concepts are not a skill that was focused on greatly until recent years; therefore many caregivers do not understand the strategies that are being taught to their children.  AES has taken a special effort to not only educate your children, but also we are extending an educating hand to caregivers, in order to help provide an environment at home that can assist and nurture the learning that is taking place in the classroom.
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Double Digit Addition Strategies



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