September 2020
Hello to families of Nackawic Middle School students,
It is with lots of gratitude and enthusiasm that I introduce myself to you and the community as your newly appointed school principal.  I am pleased to join this wonderful school as I know that the school benefits from a dedicated staff, a great parent community, and ambitious students.  It is also rewarding to return to this community as I myself attended Nackawic Middle (albeit many years ago!) as a student. 
We know this year is a challenge for everyone due to the global pandemic.  We are determined at the school to create the best possible learning environment, despite the restrictions that we all must follow for safety reasons.  We will begin our year with a focus on R&R—Routines and Relationships.  We realize that our students have had a long hiatus from schooling and we need to deliberately take our time to reintroduce them to middle schooling activities and learning.  We will continue to find and create opportunities for your children to thrive in the classroom. 
We are also placing a high priority on orienting our students to technology in the event that we must support them either in a blended learning model or a remote one.   We are committed to teaching and learning with your children regardless of their location!
Lastly, we will also do our best to create an invitational school for parents and guardians, even though on-site participation will be restricted this year.  Community and family partnership is critical in raising and educating children, and we will work together and alongside each other to acheive these goals. 
Please reach out at any time if you have questions, concerns, input, and ideas. 
Sincerely,  Tanya Whitney