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Administrator                                        Email
Mr. B. Hanson                                 bliss.hanson@nbed.nb.ca
Mr. R. Knodell                                 ross.knodell@nbed.nb.ca
Homeroom Teachers
Mr. R. Dobbelsteyn                          randall.dobbelsteyn@nbed.nb.ca
Mr. D. Lamb                                   darren.lamb@nbed.nb.ca
Mrs. C. Kennedy                             cheryl.kennedy@nbed.nb.ca
Mr. G. Sullivan                                gary.sullivan@nbed.nb.ca
Ms. L. Stout                                  lisa.stout@nbed.nb.ca - currently on leave
Mr. J. Little                                    josh.little@nbed.nb.ca
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. L. Correia                                lisa.correia@nbed.nb.ca

Behaviour Intervention Worker

 Ms. S. Edling
Ms. V. Reardon
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