The main purpose of the Woodlawn Learning Centre is to address the issues that prevent students from being successful in the traditional high school.    To do that, it is imperative that students recognize what is preventing both academic and personal success in their life.   

Your decision to become part of the Woodlawn family demonstrates your commitment to bring about some positive changes in your academic and personal life.    The only one who can guarantee your success is you.    By taking advantage of your time here and what it has to offer, you will begin a journey along a path headed for academic and personal success.
The Centre’s motto, “Individually Spirited United in Learning”, accurately describes students who attend Woodlawn.  This means students who have accepted responsibility for their past and are willing to unite with others to accomplish their goals in school and life.

On behalf of the staff and myself, we welcome you and look forward to walking with you along that path leading to success.
Mr. B. Hanson