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Student Handbook


2011 - 2012

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Mission Statement – December 17, 1999
       It is the mission of the Woodlawn Learning Centre to rekindle hope and promote attitudes that encourage each student to acquire personal, social and life long learning skills in a nurturing environment.
The main purpose of the Woodlawn Learning Centre is to address the issues that prevent students from being successful in the traditional high school.    To do that, it is imperative that students recognize what is preventing both academic and personal success in their life.
Your decision to become part of the Woodlawn family demonstrates your commitment to bring about some positive changes in your academic and personal life.    The only one who can guarantee your success is you.    By taking advantage of your time here and what it has to offer, you will begin a journey along a path headed for academic and personal success.
The Centre’s motto, “Individually Spirited United in Learning,” accurately describes students who attend Woodlawn.  This means students who have accepted responsibility for their past and are willing to unite with others to accomplish their goals in school and life.
On behalf of the staff and myself, we welcome you and look forward to walking with you along that path leading to success.
Mr. B. Hanson


Woodlawn Learning Centre Staff
Mr. B. Hanson – Administrator


Mr. R. Knodell  – Guidance

Mrs. C. Kennedy – Credit Program
Mr. B. MacDonald – Credit Program
Mr. R. Dobbelsteyn – Employability Program
Mr. D. Lamb – Employability Program
Ms. L. Stout – 9/10 Program
Mr. J. Little – 9/10 Program
Mrs. Debbie Boyce – Secretary
Mrs. I. Milutin – Teacher’s Asst.
Ms. Sue Ellen Allaby - Custodian

District # 8 Tutorial Program

Mrs. M. Kennedy-Fulton
Miss. P. Poole – Tutor
Ms. S. Olsen – Tutor

Community Autism Centre

Mrs. D. MacDonald
Programs offered at Woodlawn
In an effort to meet the academic needs of our diverse student population, Woodlawn offers the following programs.
Grade 9 – 10 UpgradingThis program focuses on upgrading skills necessary for students to enter graduation years.   Most students in this program are 16 – 17 years of age.   In most cases, students have failed more than one year during their time in school.   Our goal is to see that the majority of these students successfully return to their home high school.
Credit Program – The credit program offers students the opportunity to complete a number of high school credits compulsory for graduation. These credits are English 113, Mathematics 113, Environmental Science 120, Law 120, Outdoor Pursuits 120 and Modern History 113.   Other regular credits are offered depending on students’ needs.   Cooperative Education is available to a number of students.   Students in this program are 16 – 17 in age and have successfully completed the 9 – 10 foundation years.   Most students from this program will return to their home school
Employability Program - Students in this program are 16 – 19 years of age and have repeated more than one year at the high school level.   In most cases, they would have successfully completed very few if any credits towards high school graduation.   This program is designed to meet the individual academic and social needs of each student.
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
English 113
English 113
English 123
Math 113
Math 113
Math 123
Co-op Ed
Co-op Ed
Co-op Ed
Mod Hist 11
Co-op Ed
Co-op Ed
Co-op Ed
Students who successfully complete the necessary requirements will graduate with a Province of New Brunswick High School Diploma. 
The main goal of this program is to prepare students for the workplace by developing employability skills that will allow them to be successful and productive citizens.  
TutorialThis program which is housed at the Centre offers students an opportunity to upgrade their academic and social skills.   Most students have been out of school for significant length of time.   Students from this program will return to their home school or move into one of the programs offered at Woodlawn.
Support Services Offered to Students


Woodlawn Students have access to a full range of guidance services including:
-         the latest information on post-secondary education,   complemented by yearly visits to the school by representatives from those programs.
-         counseling to help students deal with personal, social, and academic problems.
-         career information and counseling highlighted by presentations throughout the year by guest speakers, and CHOICES, a computer program offering a wealth of information about many different careers.
-         referral services to various social agencies in the community.
                                                          HEALTH SERVICES
Ridgewood Addiction Services has two drug and alcohol counselors stationed at the Woodlawn Centre each week.  These counselors work together with the staff to provide information and treatment to students facing addiction issues.
1.  Classrooms:
No jackets, gym bags, P.L.D.’s (personal listening devices), drinks (excluding water) or food are allowed in the classroom during class time.
Smoking is not permitted in or on school property.   Smoking is not permitted at the bus stop or in the immediate neighbourhood.
3. Care of school- furnishings-books:
a) Students should take pride in the school.  Some of the ways students can do this are:
Students are to refrain from marking on desks tops, walls, or lockers.  This is seldom a problem and we wish to keep it this way.  They are not to put dents in the lockers or damage them in any way.  If pictures are placed in lockers, they must not be obscene or in poor taste or they will be removed.
b) Students are to take care of schoolbooks that are entrusted to their care for the year.  Students will be responsible for maintaining the condition of the books entrusted to them.
4. Students Fees:
Students pay a total of $25.00 each to their homeroom teachers during the first week of September.   This entitles them to lock and locker rental, a yearbook, and a picture I.D.
5.  Lockers: 
Students should keep lockers locked at all times.   Items of value should remain at home.  Lockers can be searched at the discretion of the schools administration
6. Canteen Hours:       
Breakfast Program -   8:35 am- 8:55 am
Morning break     - 10:10 am-10:25 am
Lunch                   - 11:30 am-12:10 pm
Afternoon break   -   1:25 pm-  1:30 pm
The lunchroom will be open throughout the lunch hour.  Students may purchase a variety of items from the canteen during canteen hours.  A Breakfast and lunch program is also available for students throughout the year.   
Conduct of students on school buses or city transit buses must be of high standard or students could face confiscation of bus pass, loss of privilege or possible expulsion.
No student parking provided on the premises.
     Report cards will be issued twice each semester:
-First semester      {November--- progress report}
                   {January ---progress report}
-Second semester {April---progress report}
                                      {June---final marks}
Attendance at the Woodlawn Learning Centre regularly exceeds 85%.  Student attendance is monitored on a daily basis.  Students who accumulate an excessive amount of absences will be required to appear before the administration and may be withdrawn from the program.
All students are expected to arrive on time for all classes.   Students who are constantly tardy will be required to appear before the administration and may be withdrawn from the program
Woodlawn has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment of any kind.  If an incident of Hunting occurs and is reported, administration and the police will deal with the student(s) involved if necessary.  
Students must wear clothing appropriate for the workplace.  
Clothing with patches depicting drugs, violence or messages derogatory to any group, gender or racial in nature are not permitted. 
·        Beachwear and clothing, which exposes the midriff, are not permitted.
·        Hats are to be removed upon entering the building.
·        Jackets and hats are to be kept in lockers and are not to be worn in class.
13. Telephones, Cell Phones, Pagers and PLDs (personal listening devices): Students are not permitted to use the above during instructional hours (9-11:30am and 12:10 -2:40pm) for any reason
My Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and I met with the Interview Committee and we agree to the following
1.      I understand my success and that of the other students demands respect and acceptance of all students and teachers.
2.   I will attend regularly and be on time for all sessions.
3.      I will work to the best of my ability.
4.      I will complete all assignments and projects.
5.      I will take part in all programs required for my success.
6.      I will establish individual goals and strive to reach them.
7.      I will not smoke on the property of Woodlawn nor in the immediate neighborhood of Woodlawn.
We understand that failure to abide by any of the conditions of this agreement could result in my withdrawal from the Woodlawn Learning Centre with no appeal possible.
Community Services
                A.A. (Al-Anon, Al – A – Teen)      634-8779
          AIDS Saint John                                652-2437
          Canada Employment Center                 636-4571
          Crisis Help Line                                633-0001
          Family services                                 634-8295
          Fundy Crisis Pregnancy Center                  634-8672
          Human Resources (N.B.)
                    (Income Assistance)                658-2450
          Health and Community Services       658-2734
          Hestia House                                     634-7570
          Kid’s Help Line                       1-800-668-6868
          Legal Aid                                          633-6030
          Mental Health Clinic                         658-3737
          New Brunswick Community College          658-6601
          Police – Youth Division                    648-3294
                    - Family Violence Unit           648-3303
          Pride Saint John                                642-4035
          Rape Crisis Line – Saint John           658-1791
          Ridgewood -
Treatment and Rehabilitation Center          674-4300
Romero House                                  642-7447
Salvation Army                                634-7020
Sexual Health center                         658-3998
School District # 8                                      658-5300
Student Employment Center             636-4595
Volunteer Center                               658-1555
YMCA-YWCA                                 634-7720