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To: All Parent and Guardians of Sussex Elementary school 

Re: School Start up Information update #4 - September 4, 2020

*Please review the following information as per the Dept. of Education and Early Childhood Development website​:

Reminders for first day of school

Students need to bring two clean face masks to school with them every day and a plastic bag or container to store them in throughout the day when they are not in use. They also need to have a separate bag for used or dirty masks.

Students must be screened for symptoms before they leave for school in the morning. If they are sick, they must stay home.

As usual, families can expect schools to have staggered start times between Sept. 8 and 11. Times for drop-off or pick-up and school bus schedules may be different. School will communicate procedures directly to families. If families have questions, they should contact their child’s school or the school district.

To help out with a few of the new changes at our school this year we have put together a few videos we hope you can watch with your child(ren) to preview some of the protocols and plans! Thank you for all your support and patience with this new learning curve!

A short video to show the doors the classes will be using when the arrive at school.


What we do when we arrive at school! 

Entering the Building.MOVEntering the Building.MOV

Clean, dirty masks and water bottles! 

Masks and Water Bottles (2).MOVMasks and Water Bottles (2).MOV

To: All Parent and Guardians of Sussex Elementary School 

Re: School Start Up Information Update #3 – Sept. 3, 2020 

The following is the SES Return to School Plan for 2020-21. Please take the time to review this document thoroughly.  A reminder as well that most of our classes are now up to date and parents have been contacted as to which class their child is in.  As of yesterday's announcement by EECD all students are asked to bring 2 clean masks daily to school.  All students will be required to wear their mask when entering the building. We will have a short video for parents posted by tomorrow showing a few important things to remember this year at SES.  

Mr. Bobbitt

Sussex Elementary Operational Plan FINAL.pdfSussex Elementary Operational Plan FINAL.pdf

To: All Parent and Guardians of Sussex Elementary School 

Re: School Start Up Information Update #2 – August 30, 2020 

As many of you have been inquiring about our return to school plan I am posting this update from the plan. The full plan will be made available on Wednesday Sept. 2nd . 

Key aspects of our plan that you need to be aware of; 

• Our school will be running a staggered entry for K-5 students for the first 4 days of school. (Sept. 8th - 11th) 

• Homeroom teachers will let you know your staggered entry day, since they will be reaching out by email and phone to their students and families over the next 3 days. (August 31st - Sept. 2nd) 

• All students will need to have a community mask for school. 

• All students will need to bring a water bottle to school. 

• Cafeteria services will be starting during the week of Sept. 14th . 

• There will be 2 drop off zones for our school. In addition to the current one near the flagpoles, we will have another drop off area on Morrison Ave, which is the street near our K-2 playground area. Many of you currently drop there. Drop off times will be 7:50am – 8:15am. 

• Students will go directly into school in the morning, through their designated AM door entrance. Any student arriving after 8:25am will need to use the main door, and parents will need to call into to the school and wait with their child outside the doors until school personnel arrives to let them in. 

• Students will be required to wear their community mask into the school until they enter their designated classroom. 

• Students who arrive by bus will require a community mask and will proceed directly into the school through their designated doors. 

• Grade 1 – 5 parents will not be allowed entrance into the school with their child. 

• 1 Kindergarten parent(with a community mask) will be allowed to escort their child to their classroom, through the kindergarten entrance. 

• The Full SES Return to School Plan will be posted on Sept. 2nd . 

August 18, 2020

A Message to Parents of Sussex Elementary

I know a lot of you have questions regarding the start up of school and I can assure you that we are currently working through a return to school plan for SES that is within the parameters of the guidelines announced last week by the Mr. Cardy, our Minister of Education.  


The return to school plan for SES will be made available to parents on Sept. 2nd.  

In the meantime I can provide some insight in how you can help make this year's startup to school easier for you, your child, and us.

If you did not receive this message today in an email, then your email is not up to date or in our database.  Please update your email by sending an email message directly to

Students will need indoor shoes and earbuds/headphones.  School supplies will be provided by the school, based on a student fee of $40 dollars for K-2 students and $45 dollars for grades 3-5 students.  Due to the COVID restrictions we ask that you pay this fee online using the link on our school website to School Cash Online.  This system is synced to our student database so if you moved to SES over the summer your child will still be listed under their previous school.  Please wait until the week of August 31st to pay the student fee.

Although, it is not mandatory, students are encouraged to have a personal mask to be used during certain times at school.  Masks will be needed to get on and off school busses, entering and exiting school, individually walking in the hallway, being picked up for appointments...etc...

Please continue to monitor the school's website, the H&S Facebook page, and your email from our School Messenger system over the next couple of weeks.  

If you have questions, please email those to me.

Together we can do this!  

Mr. Bobbitt







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