Sussex Regional High School


Name​ & Email Title​
Dobson, Andrew Principal​
Lauridsen, Lori-Ann Vice Principal​
Bennett, Rachel Vice Principal

 Sussex Regional High School Staff


​Staff Name & Email Subject Area ​Website Additional Responsibilities​
Bennett, Rachel ​Vice Principal
​Barton, Byron ​Health / Phys. Ed. / Outdoor Pursuits Class Website ​Athletic Director; Golf; Varsity Boys' Basketball
Belliveau, Annie Class Website
Belyea, Ed ​Science and Math Class Website ​Student Leadership Advisor; Varsity Girls' Softball; Junior Girls' Volleyball
Betts, Shauna​ ​Social Studies Class Website ​Yearbook Advisor
​Byers Anne Class Website
Carll, Erin Class Website

Casey, Wayne
​Cook, Amy ​Science Class Website ​SPR Science; Dance Committee
Coughlan, Bradley ​History / Law
Coughlan, Kelly ​English
Dalling, Harold ​PALS
Earle, Dianne ​French Class Website
Gaunce, Jeff ​Physics / Advanced Tech Class Website
Goodwin, Brad ​Carpentry
Harding, Steve ​Education Support
Hayes, Stacey ​Math Class Website ​Operation Inspiration
​Hill, Bonny ​Art Class Website ​Drama; Set Production; Art Enrichment
​Holder, Mary Lou ​Education Support
​Hopper, Luke ​Science / Math / Technology Class Website
​Huggard, Jim ​Technology Class Website
​Jeffrey, Spencer ​Health / Phys. Ed. Class Website
​Lauridsen, Lori-Ann ​Vice Principal Class Website
Leger, Ron ​French ​SPR Humanities; Boys' Hockey (
​Leger, Stacey ​Math Class Website ​SPR Math
MacEachern, Stephen ​Music / Social Studies Class Website ​Key Club Advisor
MacKay, Andrew ​Math / Chemistry Class Website ​Safe Grad
Martin, Mathieu

McKellar, Karen ​French / Spanish Class Website ​Scholarships (Processing)
Middleton, Jamie ​English 10 & 11
Munro, Lynn ​Math Class Website
Parlee, Louise ​Chemistry / Math ​Class Website
Polley, Jason ​English
Reicker, Danny ​Co-op Education / Technology / Agriculture
Rioux, Adam ​English ​Improv
Robertson, Todd ​Guidance-grade 12/Resource Guidance Website
​Scott, Kevin

​Individual & Family Dynamics 12

Family Studies 9

Sherwood, Adam ​English ​Class Website ​Boys' Varsity & Junior Varsity Rugby; Golf
Smidt, Sheri ​History and Music ​Class Website ​Drama

Stairs, Stacey ​SPR Industrial Technologies & Culinary Arts / Early Childhood
Walsh, Fred ​Electrical, Grade 9 Health and PE ​Class Website
​Walsh, Stephanie ​FI Science ​Class Website ​Student Leadership, Prom
Watters, Shyann ​Math
Wilson, Rhoda ​International Student Liaison Class Website ​ International Student Liaison