Sussex Corner Elementary School

SCES Code of Conduct

RESPECT Do my actions show respect for myself and for others?

SAFETY Are my actions safe for myself and others?

RESPONSIBILITY Do my actions meet the expectation to take care of myself and be a dependable member of the school community?

COURTESY Do my actions help make our school a nice place, where people feel welcome and accepted and where they can do their work without disruptions?

HONESTY Do my words and actions represent the truth?

The word “code” means a system of ideas about our behavior that we are expected to follow. Our Code of Conduct gives us a "framework​” in which we cooperate, working together to make our school the best place for ALL people(students and adults) to work and play in a safe, orderly and happy place.
Since we know that our Code of Conduct will help make our school a place where learning will happen, everyone expects the Code of Conduct to be followed not just while inside our school building or out on the playground, but also during times when you students are involved in school activities, such as at a bus stop, on a school bus, away on a class trip, or at school for an after-hours activity.