Hampton Middle School
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Traffic Flow at HMS
The following is meant to clarify the practice of dropping off and picking up children at Hampton Middle School.
In the morning, the traffic flow in front of the school moves from the far driveway (Green bridge direction) toward the main entrance of the school (Rink entrance/exit).
Parents choosing to drop off their children in the morning are reminded that this is a bus drop off zone and are requested to pull off to the right either before the railing at the maple tree ( just before the main entrance) or to pull off to the right just beyond the teachers parking spots. The space in between these points is reserved for buses disembarking children (they will be pulled off toward the school on the left). Please be mindful of children crossing the road and observe regular traffic courtesies.
In the afternoon, the flow of traffic reverses. It flows from the rink entrance/exit toward the Green bridge entrance/exit. Busses will be loaded between 2:45pm and 3pm approximately and the road way in front of the school is closed to through-traffic at this time.