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BES Lego Club

The Bellieisle Elementary School Lego Club is a school wide club engaging students in a stimulating, hands-on learning environment. Students participate in a learning setting that can encompass educational opportunities from literacy to numeracy. When students complete their structures pictures are taken and returned to the students to be used as writing prompts for literacy; as math prompts to lead discussions on mathematical concepts such as measurement, estimation and/or geometry. Lego Club is facilitated by teachers and provides an active learning environment that also enhances student understanding regarding team work and respecting others with the incorporation of club rules:

    1.     All Lego pieces are to be shared

    2.     Respect the creations of others

    3.     All in the group share in the clean up


Samples of Demand Writing from Grades 3 - 5 about Lego Club

Ben (Folkins).jpgBen (Folkins)1.jpg
Emily (Stackhouse).jpgEmily (Stackhouse)1.jpg


Gwen (Stackhouse).jpgGwen (Stackhouse)1.jpg


Quincey (Folkins).jpgHillary (Folkins).jpg

Scarlette (Folkins).jpgScarlette (Folkins)1.jpg






BES Chess Club                   Chess Pieces.JPG 

Do you want your child to increase their problem solving skills? Would you like your child to have some fun playing a game that develops qualities such as discipline, spatial awareness, and strategic thinking? If you do, then encourage them to join chess club!

There are two chess clubs at the BES: K-2 is an enrichment activity for some students, and 3-5 students can sign up and join in on games held at noon recess once a week.

We hold a school tournament, and the two top players from each grade level have the opportunity to participate in the regional district tournament held in March each year. Please contact Ms. Smith at the school if you have any questions.






BES Student Leadership Club 

Our Student Leadership Club is made up of our Grade 4 and 5 students with a total of 25 to30 students. These students volunteer their time to set up physical activities for the Kindergarten to Grade 3 students during both recesses either outside and in the school gym. 



                                                                    school girl reading.png                            school boy writing.png  





BES Reading and Writing Club

Our Reading and Writing Club is made up of approximately 10 to 15 Grade 3 to 5 students. This club gives these students an opportunity to curl up with a favourite book or express their individual creativity through writting and can celebrate their creative writing by submiting it to our school's website.



                                                                                            school girl recyclying.pngschool boy recycling.png


BES Student Recycling Group

This is a volunteer opportunity for our Grade 4 and 5 students working with our Physical Education teacher Ms. B. Guitard. These students not only learn the importance of helping keep our enviornment health by recycling but also the importance of supporting their school and local community through volunteering.