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May 06
Lazer Tag - May 10th

This Friday, May 10th, CNBA will host Ground Zero Laser Tag. The event will run here at the school from 6:45-8 for the middle school, and from 7:45-9 for the high school. 

To participate: Students must purchase a waiver (on sale here at school this week), bring it home to be signed, then return it to Mr. Campbell of Mr. Carson. A signed waiver must be received before students will be able to participate. Indoor shoes only.

BBQ items will be on sale and music and other entertainment will be available in the cafeteria. 

To learn more about Ground Zero Laser Tag check out their website at http://groundzerolasertag.com/ and footage of actual events can be seen on  here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6c0SsHKoHs&t=53s ​


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