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June 10
Science 9 - Biology Unit review
See older posts on my teacher page for Chemistry and Electricity unit reviews.

June 10
Math 10 GMF - Finance Review
June 02
Math 10 GMF Measurement and Geometry review
May 25
Science 9 - Electricity Review
May 25
B. Daley

All grade 9 social studies students have received a student progress report for the month of May.​

May 25

Social Studies 9 All Japanese Canadian Internment Camp Journal entries must be completed by May 26, Friday​

May 24

​The 8th annual 'What's Up Documentary' festival will be taking place tomorrow night at 700 pm @ Maclaggan Hall UNB (on the right just past bookstore going up).  All 113 students are invited to attend and see their peers and products on the 'red carpet'!  Hope everyone can make it!

May 01
Science 9 - Chemistry Test Review
April 26
B. Daley Social Studies 9

April 26 and April 27 Midterm chapter 3, 4, 6​

April 20
Document for PIF 12
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