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Gary D. Hall - Director of Early Childhood Services  |  1-506-658-5300  |  @asdstalk  |
These photos have been collected by the Early Childhood Services Coordinators during the course of monitoring visits to day care centres  in the ASD-S region. Where applicable, a connection to the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care has been added.
For a larger image and to view a more detailed description, please click the thumbnail image.

 Facilities Gallery

Art - Invitation - after school program.jpgArt - Invitation - after school program 
 TitleEducators provide a variety of open-ended materials for painting, drawing, cutting, gluing and modelling. 
Art - Invitation - Variety.jpgArt - Invitation - Variety 
 TitleEducators use tent cards to spark and interest by asking an open ended question or providing some instruction. 
Art - Invitation.jpgArt - Invitation 
 TitleOpen ended art materials are ready to go as children arrive at the facility. 
Art centre - Inviting and prepared.jpgArt centre - Inviting and prepared 
 TitleThese art shelves are purposefully planned with small baskets providing a variety of materials that can be easily rotated and changed to follow the interests of the children.  Small amounts of materials are added daily or as necessary. 
Art Shelf.jpgArt Shelf 
 TitleArt materials are accessible and invitingly displayed. 
Colour Hunt.jpgColour Hunt 
 ThumbnailChildren hunt for coloured items and sort them in to the hoops. This supports children's awareness of the world around them through playful exploration/problem-solving. - Britta's House Community Day Care Home. 
 TitleToddler Invitation - Colour Hunt 
Creative Writing Center.jpgCreative Writing Center 
 TitleVariety of materials available and ready for children as they arrive. 
Diversity and Social Responsibility - environment.jpgDiversity and Social Responsibility - environment 
 TitleMaps and books are a wonderful way in which to introduce learning about differences and form positive inclusive relationships with all children. 
Diversity and Social Responsibility - Maps.jpgDiversity and Social Responsibility - Maps 
 TitleMaps are used in a variety of ways to facilitate and enhance interest and understanding of similarities and uniqueness in communities both local and world-wide. 
Documenation - Word Wall.jpgDocumenation - Word Wall 
 TitleThe language of Valentine's Day.  Providing language around the environment will grow the children's understanding of vocabulary and language conventions. 
Documentation - Visual Schedule - Daily.jpgDocumentation - Visual Schedule - Daily 
 TitleEducators use this flexible yet consitent visual schedule to facilitate transitions.  Very helpful when children are new to the group.  Educators can take pictures of the children in their groups to develop their own visual schedule. 
Documentation - Visual Schedule - Winter.jpgDocumentation - Visual Schedule - Winter 
 TitleIn the winter it is useful to have a getting dressed schedule so children can begin to become independent in self-care routines.  (Well-Being; NB Curriculum Framework) 
Documentation - Webbing - Bugs.jpgDocumentation - Webbing - Bugs 
 TitleEducators web topic of interest using print and pictures. 
Documentation - Webbing - toddler group.jpegDocumentation - Webbing - toddler group 
 ThumbnailThe web shows what the children know about the topic, what will be introduced into the environment and all the possibilities concerning the topic that the children may become interested.  Continue to add to the web as new interests immerge.  
 TitleThe educators made observations on what the children were talking about and observed how excited they became as they saw things in the sky.  The documentation is engaging for both children and adults. 
Documentation - Webbing -horses.jpgDocumentation - Webbing -horses 
 TitleEducators responded to several child's interest in horses by webbing the topic and brainstorming possibilities for materials and activites.  Here they discussed parts of a horse. 
Documentation - Word Wall - Web - Letter T.jpgDocumentation - Word Wall - Web - Letter T 
 TitleEducators carefully and purposefully plan the learning environment by providing a variety of documentation visible at the  level of the children. 
Documentation - Words children can read.jpgDocumentation - Words children can read 
 TitleChildren at a young age can recognize and read labels.  Provide familiar images for children and see what your group can read within the environment. 
Documentation and exploration.jpgDocumentation and exploration 
 TitleEducators facilitate exploration, problem-solving, and discovery of topics based on interests of the children.  They document the open ended questions and answers. 
Dramatic Play - Bake Shop ASP Invitation.jpgDramatic Play - Bake Shop ASP Invitation 
 TitleUsing real items along with toys adds a real element to children's play.  Invitation is set up including a "Help Wanted" sign. 
Dramatic Play - Bake Shop Order FOrm.jpgDramatic Play - Bake Shop Order FOrm 
 TitleSmall details like an order form can bring a whole different level of play to dramatic play environments. 
Dramatic play - Housekeeping.JPGDramatic play - Housekeeping 
 TitleHaving an inviting dramatic play centre and materials will foster creative imaginary scenarios as is discussed in Play and Playfulness p.14.  All children have a home environment and these dramatic play areas allow children to revisit their experiences. 
Invitation - Birds.jpgInvitation - Birds 
 TitleSimple and easy invitations that can be ready to explore when children arrive in the environment. 
Invitation - Book Making.jpgInvitation - Book Making 
 TitleProviding a variety of materials and an idea.  Great for after school groups. 
Invitation - Exploration - after school program.jpgInvitation - Exploration - after school program 
 TitleCarefully combined different materials to create invitations for the children to explore and discover. 
Invitation - Flowers.jpgInvitation - Flowers 
 TitleWhat an inviting way to explore colours! 
Invitation - Minecraft.jpgInvitation - Minecraft 
 TitleEducators are in tune to the children in their group by providing opportunities to play using their current interests. This is a great example of Literate Identities (Re-invent popular culture). 
Invitations - Books - Manipulatives.jpgInvitations - Books - Manipulatives 
 TitleEducators are placing materials with books invitingly.  Providing an organized and inviting environment will help children to respect the materials provided. 
Invitations - Centres.jpgInvitations - Centres 
 TitleBooks are purposefully placed in a variety of interests centres. 
Invitations - Dramatic Play.jpgInvitations - Dramatic Play 
 TitleEducator have included books in the dramatic play area.  The bear cave is a great place for the children to look at books! 
Invitations - Low open shelves.jpgInvitations - Low open shelves 
 TitleChildren have access to materials of interest to them on low open shelves.  Books accompany the materials as part of the invitation within each centre. 
Invitations - Music Centre.jpgInvitations - Music Centre 
 TitleEducators include books even in the music centre. 
Listening centre.jpgListening centre 
 TitleChildren are invited one or two at a time to listen to stories using the headphones.  Books with CD's or tapes are a wonderful addition to any environment. 
Literacy - Name and Letter Recognition.JPGLiteracy - Name and Letter Recognition 
 TitleEducators explore letters in a meaningful way by using the children's names.  As you can see they have also charted how many letters are in each of their names.        
Literacy Documentation.jpgLiteracy Documentation 
 TitleEducators use a variety of documentation to visualize the learning process and provide a spring-board for continued interest and exploration. 
Mathematical Literacy - chart snow.jpgMathematical Literacy - chart snow 
 TitleChildren measured the height of the snow over time. 
Mathematical Literacy - counting.jpgMathematical Literacy - counting 
 TitleChildren are invited to write down how many teeth they have lost. 
Mathematical Literacy - Invitation.jpgMathematical Literacy - Invitation 
 TitleActive exploration of mathematical concepts including numbers, counting, sorting, colours and patterns 
Mathematical Literacy - Patterns.jpgMathematical Literacy - Patterns 
 TitleInvitation to explore patterns.  Easy! 
Mathematical Literacy - Size.jpgMathematical Literacy - Size 
 TitleEducators facilitate fun exploration of size by relating it to several children's interest in vehicles.  It also helps facilitate clean up! 
Mathematical Literacy - sorting.jpgMathematical Literacy - sorting 
 TitleInviting exploration of mathematical concepts using familiar objects in different ways. 
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