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Lissa McNaughton-Dickie - Director of Early Childhood Services  |  1-506-658-5305  |  @ASD_South  |
It's All About the First Five Years
The focus of this campaign is on engaging with children in the early years through Looking, Talking  Singing, Playing, and Reading. We hope that as a result of this campaign the community will have a better understanding of the importance of this developmental period and that this will lead to more engagement with children in activities which will help them to reach their full potential.
ASD-S worked with a team of early childhood service providers to develop brochures, posters and an inspirational video to share with the community. Posters and brochures will be distributed throughout the community in the coming weeks. Representatives are also available to share the video and materials and speak with service groups and others groups interested in early childhood development. For information on presentations contact Sharon Russell at 506- 658-5300.
We would love for you to share this information through your own social media sites and groups. We want these important key messages to get to as many as possible and we will need help to accomplish this!
To view the brochure click:
The video is available here should you wish to download or share:
Simply click 'Share' and select your desired social media.
There is also a captioned version of the video available here:
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