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Students: ​

Click here for an Instructional Video that explains how to log in to Office 365 to access your classes via Microsoft Teams.​

​If you are having trouble logging in, please see the IT support service in the box below.

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See the Minis​ter of Education’s Continuity ​of Learning Plan here

​Find the latest Covid-19 Information from Anglophone South District South by clicking here.​

Click here for a School Counselling Services Update ​​​​. Please call 506-349-6241 to access school guidance staff. The phones will be answered Monday - Friday 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

​A Message from Principal Lauridsen

Sonics and families,

Early next week you should hear from your G3 advisor as we check in with students and their families. We care about each of you and want to be able to connect with you. 

As we prepare to look at options for continued learning away from the school, we will be asking about your internet access, availability of devices and the best email address to reach your family during this call.

At this time, course registration has been postponed. We want to let you know that we are working with the Anglophone South School District and the Province of New Brunswick to ensure that your future plans are not affected by the temporary school closure. Please see the link to ASD-S webpage (above right) for the most current educational messages from the province and our district.

If you do not receive a call by the end of Tuesday, March 31st it means we do not have a correct number for your family. Please email with a number at which you can be reached along with both your name and your student’s name. 


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