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June 05
Gr. 8 Trip Itinerary & Cabaret Tickets

Hello! This is Ms. McGrath calling with some messages for Gr. 8 Raiders and their families.
First of all, an update for the Gr. 8 trip to Quebec. We are scheduled to leave at 7:00 am on Wednesday, June 14th and will return to RVMS around 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 17th.
There are 3 meals that students will need to purchase and they may also want some spending money for snacks and/or memorabilia in Quebec. Although your child may indicate otherwise to you, $100 in spending money is more than enough to cover these costs. You may, of course, send more money if you like, but it is not necessary.
I have attached a copy of the Gr. 8 trip itinerary to the e-mail version of this e-mail and it will also be posted on our school website under "Raider News" at
As I have mentioned before, our Gr. 8 Cabaret is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21st beginning at 5:30 pm. CABARET Tickets are on sale in the office all of this week. The cost is $5 and each Gr. 8 student may purchase 4 tickets.
This is an event for Gr. 8 Raiders and their parents. We will take photos, share a meal and watch the Year-end video together. Parents are then asked to leave and the students celebrate with their last dance at River Valley Middle School. Some students choose to dress up and some do not. Most students wear a nice dress or a shirt and tie. It is not necessary to purchase anything elaborate for this event.
As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.
Thank you and good evening!


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