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September 26
Gr. 7 Immunization Information & Forms

Hello! This message is for all Grade 7 Parents. All Grade 7 students at RVMS have been handed out forms for the immunization clinic scheduled on Wednesday, October 11th. The students will be given two vaccines; a booster vaccine that protects against Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Whooping cough (they would have had this vaccine as a preschooler) and a vaccine that is effective in preventing most HPV related cancers. The HPV vaccine is a series of 2 with the second immunization scheduled for early in 2018.
Please return these forms to your child’s Homeroom Teacher by Monday, October 2nd.
I have attached copies of the parent brochures and permission form to the e-mail version of this message as well and more information can be found on the Public Health Website at
Thank you and good evening!
Tdap Brochure.pdfTdap Brochure.pdfHPV Brochure.pdfHPV Brochure.pdfConsent form 7th grade (Tdap - HPV)_EN.docxConsent form 7th grade (Tdap - HPV)_EN.docx


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