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September 26
Weekly Announcements, September 26th, 2017

Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 26th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with messages for all Raiders and their families.
Photography Flewwelling will be in the building on Wednesday morning, September 28th for our annual school picture day. The photographers suggest students wear bright colours without too many busy patterns or logos. Also, the Gr. 8 students are reminded that they traditionally wear a white shirt or a white shirt and tie. This is not required but most students do choose this option.
Next Wednesday all of our Gr. 7 students are scheduled to receive immunizations. If you have a Gr. 7 student in your household, you should be receiving paperwork and messages about this program.
Last Friday we sponsored a “Wear Your Hat” for a twoonie fundraiser and we are happy to report that we raised $172 that will be forwarded to the relief fund for Canadians who have lost their homes in the bout of recent forest fires in Western Canada.
This Thursday, we will be walking the track at the school for our annual Terry Fox Walk. Students are encouraged to bring in a twoonie in support of cancer research.
I do have a few more serious items for parents.
Attached and on our website, you will find information telling parents what to do should there ever be a large scale emergency at our school. Please read over this information and perhaps print it and stick it on your fridge. St. Matthew’s Church (next to Sobeys) is our parent communication center and is where all parents would be encouraged to go during such an emergency.
As well, please be assured that I will always contact parents if there is anything going on here at the school that you need to know. I know that sometimes rumours do spread in our community, but I guarantee that if you need to know about anything here at school, you will know. If you don’t hear from me, that is an indication that the situation was dealt with, safety has been assured, and those who need to know do know but information does not need to be shared with the entire school community….and of course, you can always call me if you have questions.
Last but not least, we ask that parents do not text their child during school hours and we ask that students who need to contact home, come to the office to text or call. If it is an emergency, please call the school at 738-6500 and if your child has an emergency while at school, they need to speak with their teacher or the office or let us know they are calling home.
Items that are being dropped off for students can simply be left in the office and we will call them down to the office between classes to retrieve their item.
That is all for this week!
As always, please feel free to contact me at 738-6511 or at any time.
Thank you and good evening!


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