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November 15
Weekly Announcements, Novebmer 15th, 2017

Grade Scale for Parents - November.docxGrade Scale for Parents - November.docxSki Club Parent Info 2017-2018.docSki Club Parent Info 2017-2018.doc


Hello! Today is Wednesday, November 15th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with the weekly messages for Raiders and their families.
Report Cards go home next Monday, November 20th. As you know, there is a new Provincial Report Card and a new grading system this year. There is a parent brochure, produced by the province, on the main page of our website and simplified version Raider staff created for students and their parents attached to this message. Please take a few moments to look it over before Report Cards go home.
Based on this rubric, it is extremely unlikely that any student will receive a mark of 4 on the first Report Card. A mark of three indicates your child is exactly where they should be. A mark of 2 means they are progressing nicely but may still need to work on a few areas (teacher can identify those areas for you). If you see a mark of 1, you should be concerned and should plan to attend Parent/Teacher or contact your child’s teachers to discuss their progress further.
Parent/Teacher meetings are scheduled for next Thursday evening, November 23rd from 5-8 pm and next Friday afternoon, November 24th, from 1-3 pm.  To make an appointment, please call the school office (738-6500) any time after 8:30 tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 16th. Teachers meet in Teams but you may need to book more than one appointment if you need to meet with several different teachers.
I also want to remind parents that you will receive an attendance call from our automated system if your child misses any classes during the day. The system sends a message for all absences, excused or unexcused.
Winter is here! That means, we are planning for our annual Ski Club at Poley Mountain. Information is available in the school office and is also attached to this message by e-mail and on our website.
Winter also means that students need to come to school prepared to be outside. Students may be outside during morning and afternoon bus dismissals, during class time and/or during ASAP and they need to be dressed appropriately. Teachers generally bring students inside when it is too wet or too cold and always if  gets colder than -15,  but there may be times when we have to be outside when it is cold and students need to be dressed for winter weather.
Finally, I want to caution parents that the rink and the skate park are unsupervised areas and not the best place to allow students to hang out before or after school. I realize this is off school property and outside of school hours but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable having my own children hand out there is I wanted to let parents know that there is a potential for trouble if your child is headed there before or after school.
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions at or at 738-6511. All notices are also posted on our website at
Thank you and good evening!


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