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  • Thank you
    ​Thank you to Mrs. S. Dignam for all her hard work and organization with regard to all the fund raising projects for our Grade 8 Quebec trip. The Run-A-Rink last weekend was a huge success. This is absoulutely wonderful for our Grade 8 students. ... Read More
  • Macaroni Mountain
    ​Please support the West Side Food Bank. Thank you.Macaroni Mountain.docx ... Read More
  • Quebec Information
    ​Any students who still have Kiwanis Calendars - please either return the calendars or the money by this Wednesday, Dec. 7th.Quebec information.docx ... Read More
  • Lightning News for this week.
    ​Lightning News.docx ... Read More
  • Grade 8 Fundraisers for the Quebec Trip
    ​Good Afternoon, Here are a couple of Fundraising opportunities for the grade 8 students who are going to Quebec. 1. Mrs. S. Dignam has fully decorated wreaths for sale at $20.00 a wreath and $10.00 goes back to the student who sells the wreath. T ... Read More
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