The main purpose of our Home & School is to bring the home, the school, and the other educational forces in the life of the child together, in order to work for the good of all children.
We provide a vital link between the home and school, promoting discussion beyond the parent-teacher interview.
Become actively involved in the health and well-being of our children through the hot lunch program, fund-raising events, seasonal activities, and end-of-year celebrations.
Be informed!  Get involved! Join us today for the sake of your children.  With your help, we can do so much more.
No time to attend meetings?  You can still show your support for an active Home & School by becoming a member.  Every member counts!  Each membership costs only $5.00.  The larger our provincial memberships, the stronger our voice is. By joining your H & S you automatically become a member of the Canadian Home & School Federation (CHSF) at the National level, and the New Brunswick Federation of Home & Schools (NBFHSAI) at the Provincial level.
All community members are welcome to attend meetings and express their opinions, but only members are entitled to vote at H & S meetings.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the school 468-6000.  We need your ideas and support.  Please join us now!

Position​ ​Name
President​ Rhonda Makepeace​
Vice-President​ Laura Clark​
Treasurer ​ Natasha Bennett​
Secretary Tammy London​