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Breakfast Program

We are pleased to offer a Breakfast Program to our students. The program is operated on specific mornings by students and parent volunteers. This is an inclusive service offered to all students in our school community from grades K-8. Funding is provided by the Department of Education, Breakfast for Learning Canada Grant as well as donations from community service groups and businesses.

Forest Hills School Hot Lunch

Our lunch suppliers for the 2016-2017 school year are Domino's Pizza and Stone Soup Catering.
All orders and money must be returned to your child's teacher by 9:00 a.m. each Thursday (or earlier in the week). Late orders cannot be accepted. If there is no school on Thursday, orders will be taken on Wednesday.
In the event of a cancellation of school due to a storm, the lunch form must still be completed. We do not automatically reorder. Please check off what your child missed, and do not include money for the missed day. Food missed for a snow day will only be re-orded for the next week. Milk will not be refunded.
*We are not able to refund orders for individual students who are sick or absent.
**Orders and money must be sent to each child's individual classroom, not sent in by family.
Menu Details:
Monday: Papa John's pizza with ham
Tuesday: Sheppard's pie (seasoned lean ground beef with no additives or fillers, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes)
Wednesday: Subway turkey sub with lettuce and cheese
Thursday: Beef burger (local market beef, no additives, homemade whole wheat bun) served with ketchup
Friday:  Papa John's chicken poppers and breadsticks
Information on Stone Soup:
At Stone Soup Catering we believe that meaningful work and whole, fresh foods are two essential components of a healthy life. We combine the two by training and hiring program participants from the Saint John Learning Exchange, providing them a living wage, to prepare a varied menu of healthy, tasty, un-processed meals and snacks. Profits from Stone Soup are used to support the no-fee education and employment services of the Learning Exchange. Our name, Stone Soup, refers to the legend of weary travellers with nothing but a pot of water and a stone. When they asked villagers for food the response was “No”, but when they began to ask for contributions of specific ingredients to make a soup to be shared, they soon had everything they needed to prepare a hearty meal for the whole village. Our achievements are also linked to our talented, generous community and their willingness to contribute to, and share in, our success.

 Hot Lunch Information

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