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Simonds High School Drama is pleased to announce this Spring’s Production..

Disaster! A Musical


This spring, the Simonds High School Drama Club will be presenting the musical  DISASTER!!! This musical parodies and pays comedic tribute to the 1970s disaster movies. The larger-than-life characters remember the earthquakes, tidal waves, infernos, swarms of killer bees and many other kinds of disasters protrayed in the movies of that decade. They also pay homage to an era of bell bottoms, snappy shoes and the hustle. This hilarious musical comedy has fun, witty dialogue and features some of the most unforgettable songs of the 1970s. Do you remember the tune or lyrics to I am Woman, Hot Stuff, I Will Survive, Hooked on a Feeling, Three Times a Lady, Never Can Say Goodbye, Ben, Sky High, When Will I be Loved, You're My Best Friend and other songs of that decade? If you do, and are already humming or dancing along to these songs, then this will be the perfect night out for you! 

The show dates for this year's musical production of DISASTER!!! are April 26th  to April 29th

Cast List for DISASTER! The Musical

Quinn Adams - Chad

Bryce Watson - Scott

Devon Richard - Professor Ted Scheider

Paige Hachey - Marianne

Joe Woytiuk - Tony Del Veccio

Jordan Read - Jackie (Night Club Singer)

Louanna Webb - Ben/Lisa

Sara Vincent - Sister Mary Downey

Jessica Rousselle - Shirley Summers

Mark O'Connor - Maury Summers

Molly Kilpatrick - Levora Verona (Disco Diva)

Chris Morin - Chef

Bryceten Totten - Wealthy Man

Mitchell Layman - Jake

Omar El-Mugayyar - Taxi Driver

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