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Essential Skills Achievement Pathway

  • The essential skills achievement pathway (ESAP) is a program designed to help students attain their high school diploma who have a hard time working in conventional classrooms.
  • The program is based on the completion of two binders and a Capstone project, as opposed to traditional schoolwork.
  • The first binder is the Foundational binder, which introduces the students to the 11 essential skills.
  • The second binder, Post Secondary, is geared towards the student’s interest in their future work choice.ESAP 3.jpg ​
  • The Capstone is a student-driven project where the student determines and solves a problem.
  • If you don’t want to take the college pathway route, the work-place entry gives students the potential to attain their high school diploma leading to employment opportunities.
  • There are many different pathways that you can take in the E.S.A.P program.

These are the 11 essential skills:


Document use




Oral communication

Working with others


Digital technology

Continuous learning

Motor skills

Work attitudes

Essential Skills Achievement Pathway - Student Reflection - YouTube​