Hampton Elementary School

Expectations of Students:
1. Respect yourself and others.
2. Always try to do your best.
3. Walk quietly in single file in the hallway.
4. Respect school property.
5. Play safely.
Expectations of Parents:
1. Barring illness and legitimate absences, insure your child attends school regularly, arrives on time, and has the materials required for the day.
2. Children should be dressed to go outdoors at recess and noon in all but extreme conditions.
3. Send a signed note to the teacher explaining all absences.
4. Show an interest in what your child is doing at school. Take time to talk about school daily; encourage a healthy attitude toward learning.
5. When children's stories do not fit with your expectations, or you are concerned about one of our practices, contact the teacher or principal directly to discuss the situation. Early communication can often correct misunderstandings or prevent problems.
6. Provide a home for your children where they feel loved, where they feel safe from abuse or neglect, and where values of honesty and respect are practised.
Expectations of Our Staff:
To the best of our ability, our staff will:
1. Provide a safe, orderly environment where every child has an opportunity to learn to his/her potential.
2. Encourage the social, emotional, physical, and academic growth of our pupils by providing a variety of educational opportunities.
3. Keep parents informed about the progress of their children, both through formal and informal means.
4. Respect children as young persons who come from various backgrounds and who bring different abilities to school.
5. Model appropriate attitudes and behaviours for our students.
6. Provide discipline which is based on our training and the 'good parent' guide.

7. Base decisions on what we believe to be in the best interest of the child.