Milltown Elementary School
Principal's Message
Welcome to Milltown Elementary School in beautiful St. Stephen, New Brunswick!
A few years ago our staff and students created a mission statement and the resulting slogan was, “MES: A Family of Learners”. I believe that you’ll find that we in the MES community live out that slogan on a daily basis, providing a safe and secure family environment in which your children can pursue excellence.
Our school, situated on the St. Croix River, is located almost exactly where the historic Cotton Mill sat for decades. Many of the Milltown families have strong ties to the old mill and all that it meant to the citizens of the community. Our school is a proud contributer to the Cotton Mill Monument on Milltown Blvd, an easy walk from the playground.
We have students in grades kindergarten-grade five at MES and our current student population is about 200 learners. We have approximately 25 teachers and staff who work together as a team to provide our students with a high quality educational experience.
Our current School Improvement targets are: increases in literacy and mathematics achievement and increasing physical activity. We are also working hard as a team to provide all of our students with access to breakfast, a nutritious lunch and warm winter clothing and boots.
We have several community partnerships with local organizations and businesses, including: Flakeboard, Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church, Investor's Group, Canadian Tire, Tuddenham Farms, and ASD-S employees.