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February 26
Week of Feb.25-Mar.1
February 17
Badminton Tryouts

Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-7:00​

February 17
Volleyball Tryouts

​Varsity Boys Wednesday 3:45 and possibly Friday 3:45 (will know by Tuesday)

Varsity Girls Wednesday 3:45

JV Boys Wednesday 5:15 and possibly Friday 5:15 (will know by Tuesday)

JV Girls Wednesday 5:15 and possibly Friday 5:15 (will know by Tuesday)

February 08
Badminton Tryouts

Tuesday & Thursday ​3:45-7:00

February 08
Volleyball Tryouts

Varsity Boys Monday 5:15, Wednesday 3:45, Friday 5:15

JV Boys Monday 5:15 & Saturday 8-10 am  

​Varsity Girls and ​JV Girls Monday 3:45, Wednesday 5:15, Friday 3:45


February 07
Badminton Tryouts
Badminton Tryouts Feb. 12 & 14

3:45-7:00 both dates

December 06
FHS Girls Hockey Website
November 02
Exhibition Boys Basketball Tryouts

Tryouts for the boys exhibition boys basketball team will take place next Wednesday and Thursday at 5:15. This tryout is open to any students in grade 9-12.​​

October 21
Wrestling Tryouts

FHS wrestling team try outs will be held Tuesday and Thursday of this week from 4 to 5pm. 

Meet at the AUX room. Wear regular gym attire. All are welcome.
October 21
Basketball Tryouts

The login for the website has been down all week so the tryouts have not been posted. All basketbal tryouts continue this week. If you have not been out please see the schedule below.

Varisty Girls 3:45 Monday and Tuesday

JV Girls 3:45 Monday and Tuesday

Varsity Boys 3:45 Monday and 5:15 Tuesday

JV Boys Monday 5:15 and Tuesday 3:45

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