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November 23
November 23rd

​Periods 1 and 3

  • we have read up to page 132 in Wonder
  • students took notes on how to write a character sketch (see documents)
  • students worked on filling in their character word clouds


Periods 2 and 4

  • we have read to the end of chapter 9 in The Giver
  • students took notes on how to write a character sketch (see documents)
  • students worked on filling in information on their character sketch planning chart for Jonas
November 22
CCull HW due for Thursday 23rd and Mon 27th


Sheet of 15 momentum questions........# 1 to 4 due Thursday.

# 5 to 10 due Monday.

Momentum Impulse presentations are Tuesday/Wed.


The conservation of mass lab we did today is due to be handed in Monday.

November 21
CCull HW due for Wed Nov 22


Sheet of 1D momentum 4 ques due Wed.

Presentations Monday to Wed next week on Momentum/Impulse.


Blackline 6.5 a,b,c due Wed​

Missing mass lab Thursday 23  is due to Monday.

November 20
CCull HW due for Tuesday 21st


Started Momentum.

Page 197 # 29 to 35 odd numbers for Tues.


Review section 6.3 and 6.5 in textbook.

Test in about 5 teaching days on CHEMISTRY.​

November 17
Reminders for Ms. Bray's Grade 10 English Classes:

  • ​​Read chapters 10 & 11 for Monday November 20th.  
  • "Spend a Day in My Shoes" is due on Wednesday November 22nd.  

November 15
Module 22 Notes
November 15
Module 22 Power Point
November 14
November 14th

Tomorrow we will be sharing our book talks!

Remember: hook your audience, hold their interest, and sell don't tell!​

November 14
Spend a Day in My Shoes

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."  ~Atticus Finch

Summary of assignment:  Write a two-page MLA format response depicting the owner of your shoe in a way that you see fit (i.e. biography, short story, newspaper article, journal entry, etc.).


Planning process:  15 questions are due on Wednesday November 15th.  

November 14
CCull HW for Wed and Thursday Nov 15/16


Keep at the review sheet on accel motion.

page 182 # 18,19,20 for HW



Molecular Compound sheet due WED.

Mixed Ionic/Molec sheet due Thursday.

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