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March 20
Grade 10 English - Ms. Stiles

​We are wrapping up a poetry unit in class this week. The final copy of your poetry portfolio will be due next Wednesday, March 28th. Tomorrow's class will take place in C162. Please have the draft copy of your "Where I'm From" poem ready for tomorrow's conferences. It must be 20-30 lines in length and include parallel structure. 

March 20
March 20th


I checked students responses about movie trailers and yesterday's topic (period 1- news stories, Period 4- children's tv shows), as these were for homework. I did not get to check in with period 2, as they attended an assembly. As well, period 3 is working on watching a documentary instead, and their responses about this are due tomorrow.

Also today in class, with Periods 1 and 2 we had a discussion about social media and the positives and negatives associated with cell phone usage. I introduced students to a documentary called "Screenagers," which, if you can find a way to access it, would be beneficial for both students and parents to watch.

Students in periods 1 and 2 must complete a media opinion sheet about social media and/or cell phone usage before tomorrow.

March 19
CCull HW for Tues March 19th


UNIT TEST on all kinematics TUESDAY 19th.


8 Points on Harmony of the Worlds video due today.

Sheet on "Earth's orbit, Tilt...." Due tomorrow Tuesday.

March 16
CCull HW update Friday March 16

To Parents and Students: I have been away the last 3 school days due to the passing of my grandmother and am back today.....see below for new deadlines for my classes.


​Test on all Kinematics will be moved (delayed two days due to my absence) to Tuesday the 20th.

All the free fall sheet should be finished.

Tougher motion sheet (5 questions) will be collected Monday.



We will review the video COSMOS "Harmony of the Worlds" today.

The Assigned worksheet "Earths Orbit, Tilt, and Rotation" will be collected today.


March 15
The Crucible Acts I and II Due Tomorrow

Acts I and II for The Crucible are due tomorrow. Please also include the presentation notes from four weeks ago stapled to your package. This first part of the analysis will be assessed at 20 marks. I will give you feedback and suggestions that will guide you for your completion of the assignments for Acts III and IV, which will be assessed at 30 marks.

Reading Day Tomorrow! Remember to bring your books and your Quarter 3 Reading Goal Sheet as we will reflect on how you are doing meeting your goal at this half-way point.

March 15
March 15th

​Today students were given a template they will use throughout our media studies unit. They must fill out a different sheet for each different type of media that we cover. The template is as follows:

Media Opinion Sheet

Media Text Form:



How Can Consumers Use This Text Form Properly?

What should be done better?

Make a Connection to the 4 Key Concepts of Media Studies


Today our media text form was advertisements. At the beginning of tomorrow's class, I will be checking to see that students have completed the sheet for today.

To view the ads we looked at, click here:


March 13
Pre-Calc.11 Assigned Work
Tuesday, 13th March, 2018
Test on Wednesday (Chapter 4) 
(Note: Test will be on Thursday if Wednesday is cancelled)
Suggested practice problems:
·        Complete both review sheets handed out in class, plus:
·        Text problems:      Page 254 #10
                                             Page 258-260 #6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20

March 13
Grade 10 English - Ms. Stiles

The good copy of your "Blackout Poems" are due this Friday. ​

March 12
Module 34 notes
March 12
Monday, March 12th

​Today we finished watching the documentary "Bowling For Columbine." We discussed the topics of gun violence in America, bias in the media, and societal fear based on media feeds. Students were then encouraged to write a personal response to the documentary and/or discussion, and I gave them 3 themes and a question as possible writing points: 1. the undeniable right to bear arms in America; 2. gun "control;" 3. fear as the fuel; and 4. What makes America different than other gun-bearing countries (This question is not based on my own personal opinion; it was a direct question posed as part of the documentary.)

Many students did not complete their writing in class, and were asked to do so for homework. I will collect these responses at the beginning of tomorrow's class!

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