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March 22
March 20-22 /  Six Traits of Writing

Good afternoon students,

As of yet we have reviewed the following six traits of writing: Main Idea, Organization, and Voice. These are the notes thus far.


Ms. Shanna

Creative Writing Grade 9.pptxCreative Writing Grade 9.pptx



March 22
March 22 / SLAM POETRY

Good afternoon students,

Today in class we explored a genre of poetry called Slam Poetry. Attached to this document is the Powerpoint Slide (which includes the 15 minute video of Harry Baker performing three poems, "59", "Paper People", and "The Sunshine Kid"), the transcripts to Harry Bakers poems, the Tones and Meanings Lists, as well as the Slam Poetry Handout we worked on in class.

Your homework for tonight is to finish question 1 & 2 of the handout. If you forget what figurative language devices to use, please refer back to your notes.

Ms. Shanna

HarryBakerPoems.pdfHarryBakerPoems.pdfSlamPoetryWorksheet.pdfSlamPoetryWorksheet.pdfSlam Poetry.pptxSlam Poetry.pptxToneandMeaningList.pdfToneandMeaningList.pdf ​

March 22
March 22nd, 2017

Grade 10

  • students shared their pop culture artifacts
  • students began to make plans for a yearbook assignment- this may be a group or individual project, and students are to create a 2-page spread that would represent the pop culture of 2016-17


Grade 9

  • students shared their pop culture artifacts
  • we played with some of these artifacts and discussed their importance
  • ​must create a top 10 list of their favorite things in pop culture and a top 5 list of their least favorite things in pop culture
  • these lists are due at the beginning of tomorrow's class​
March 22
CCull HW for Thursday March 23

CCull HW for Thursday March 23



Starting the Kepler's Laws, Univ Grav Unit today.


​The accel sheet up to 25 needs to be finished.

And the Tougher Motion sheet 1 to 3 are due today.​​

March 21
March 21, 2017

Grade 10

  • students finished the documentary, discussed it, and determined whether it met with the expectations of Michael Moore's "13 rules for making a documentary"
  • Pop Culture Show and Tell is tomorrow


Grade 9

  • students finished the documentary and worked on answering questions
  • ​Pop Culture Show and Tell is tomorrow
March 20
March 20 / Tone & Meaning

Good afternoon students,

On Monday we looked at how tone and meaning can be defined within poetry. For this class we listened to two songs (Stone Cold by Demi Lovato and I'm Yours by Jason Mraz), and worked on the Tone and Meaning Handout, which consisted of four different poems.


Here are the only notes you need for Tone and Meaning:

Tone is the narrator’s attitude toward his or her subject. It is like tone of voice in that people use the same words to describe them. For example, one could say that the narrator’s tone is sarcastic if that narrator were mocking the characters. Unlike tone of voice, which listeners may infer from sound, readers can only infer the narrator’s tone from the words. That means that readers have to pay extra close attention.


Ms. Shanna


March 20
Unit 2 & 3
March 17
March 17 /  Figurative Language Slides


Here are the defenitions of the figurative language devices we have discussed in class.


Ms. Shanna

Figurative Language grade 10 poetry lesson 1.pptxFigurative Language grade 10 poetry lesson 1.pptx

March 17
CCull HW for monday March 20th


​page 178 # 33 to 38 on universal gravitation due monday.


​gravity lab due next THURSDAY

​Next sheet of accel questions # ​16 to 20 due Monday.


Lab we did today on 2D momentum due next Friday.

See yesterday for review questions to be doing.


March 16
CCull HW for friday March 17th

CCull HW for friday March 17th


Keep Studying telescope types.

Unit Test in Astronomy in a week.


Gravity Lab we did today is a formal writeup due next THURSDAY.

All 8 gravity problems need to be completed to be collected FRIDAY, tomorrow.

Next sheet of accel problems # 16 to 20 are due MONDAY.


Did elastic/inelastic collisions and ballistic pendulum today.

Text # 41,43,45 due tomorrow.

​Ch 10 review questions page 527 #26,28,29,30


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