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January 16
Ms. Stiles - English 12

​Students reviewed for their exam by practicing applying a critical lens to two poems. All literary essays are due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

January 16
Ms. Stiles - English 10

​Students reviewed point of view and irony use in the poem, "The Execution." Students will begin the written component of their exam in class tomorrow.

January 16
CCULL HW and REVIEW info for week of Jan 13 to 17th 2020


Just had Test on waves and sound today MONDAY.

Lab (on RESONANCE) we did on thursday last week is due tuesday.

Light sheet # 1 to 5 questions are due WED.

Refraction sheet # 1,2,3,5,7,9,10,13 for review of refraction of light for THURSDAY for HW.

REVIEW SHEETS FOR EXAM given out on monday this week.

WORKED OUT SOLUTION to the REVIEW is on my weebly at:



Walking at a contstant speed LAB we do today MONDAY the 13th is due WED the 15th.

Test on PHYSICS UNIT Wed 15th.

REVIEW SHEETS FOR EXAM given out on WED this week.​

January 16
module 19 social
January 14
History 113--Wills

​Reminder: Assignment is due Thu., Jan. 16.

January 14
Ms. Stiles - English 12

​All students have received an exam packet at this point, Please have all texts read before the exam.

January 14
Ms. Stiles - English 10
Students conpleted a warmp-up on ethos, pathos, and logos as persuasive strategies. They then practiced identifying argumentative techniques in an Emma Watson speech. All students have received their exam packets at this time. Please have all texts read before your exam.

January 14
Social Studies 9--Wills--Changes to Project

​Students will be submitting the research component ("pencil" selection) and another option from one of the other two columns. I have conferenced with all students present in class today and all know what they intend to complete. Those students who have already completed three assignments will submit the third as enrichment. I met with those students today.

Due date: Friday, January 17, 2020.

Also, students have received the exam study guide.​

January 14
History 112--Wills

​Link to PBS documentary: https://youtu.be/sRcNq4OYTyE​

Students have received the exam study guide.

January 13
Gr. 11 - Term

​All assignments are now past their due date. Any students who have yet to hand in assignments due after mid-term (World War I letters/journals; Project Outrage; Term Paper) must submit these to me before Friday, January 17th at 3:30pm.

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