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September 18
CCull work for physics 112 sci 10 for TUES/WED 22nd and 23rd SEPT.


We did the sheet on Metric prefixes and conversions and on measuring the rectangle and triangle (finding area and perimeter) and maintaining sig dig rules.

Also answered questions on the Walking/Running/ Sprinting graphs that was originally due Fri/Mon but I have delayed to TUES/WED. Finish the sprinting graph which is a curved line on the d-t graph. Find the slope of the tangent lines at 2 and 4 sec. I am collecting this next week.

ALSO READ TEXTBOOK pages 30 to 42 for next class.


Review your notes on Atomic Models, subatomic particles, and bohr diagrams. 

DO the fill-in table "Blackline 3.3 atomic particle worksheert" for TUES /WED. I will colllect this.

September 16
CCull work for Friday group A and Monday group B


We watched the video "Galileo" on Wed/Thurs with a fill in sheet.

Gave out the first d/t graph walking, running, sprinting that is to be done for 

next day Fri A/Mon B (As long as you do the first two graphs with slope and draw the third graph I do not expect you to find the slope of graph 3-sprinting).


WHMIS/lab safety quiz on Wed/Thurs.

We did notes on METALS/NON-METALS and on Group names in the Per Table.

Review this for next day.

Also the practice sheet with fill-in table that you fill-in using the periodic table due Fri A/Mon B.

September 14
CCull work given for group A WED/ group B THURS  

​Sci 10

We collected the Per Table review sheet today.

Gave out 3 handounts on WHMIS and lab safety.

Quiz on WHMIS this WED/THURS.

Long sheet 5.1 Chemical change is due to hand in on WED (group A) Thurs (group B)


Significant digit practice sheet is due Wed/Thurs.

Make sure you have a ruler and calculator all this week.

September 14
CCull Reminder to parents/students (physics 112 and science 10)

​ Just a reminder that for the first few weeks as we get adjusted to the new schedule I will not be using TEAMS. The readings and work given for your day home will be given to you in person the day you are in school. Homework, labs etc will be handed in on paper. Any homework updates, due dates, test dates etc will be on this FHS teacher pages. 

September 11
CCull work for Group A MON/Group B TUES next week 14th and 15th SEPT

​Physics 112

Get your parent info sheet signed and brought back to me.

ALGEBRA sheet ODD numbers to be done on looseleaf to hand in for Mon/Tues.14/15th

SCI 10

Get your parent info sheet signed and brought back to me.

Periodic Tables given out.

Review sheet on same given out.

LONG sheet of questions on Per Table due on MON/TUES. 14/15th

September 02
Welcome to F.I. Science 10
June 17
End of Semster Message (from Ms. LaBerge)

​Dear Pr. 1, 2, 3, and 5 

PDCP students

Please go to your PDCP TEAMs site, click the channel titled "End of Semester", read my post, look under "Files", then open and read the .pdf document titled

"End of Semester Message - June 17".  

 If you cannot find it or don't know where/how to find it, please e-mail me and I'll send it to you directly.  I hope you each have a wonderful summer and I thank you for being such





classroom and global citizens!  Our world is in very good hands with you "young professionals"  like each of you at the helm!


Ms. LaBerge :)

June 08
LAST WEEK - (June 8-12) LET'S MEET @ 11:30 AM

To Ms. LaBerge's Awesome Pr. 1, 2, 3, & 5 PDCP Students,

We're on the home stretch.  What an interesting semester it has been!  I'd like to have one final "check-in", "shared reflection on this semester", and "check out" with each of my PDCP classes at 11:30 AM on the days noted below.  

Pr. 1 - Monday, June 8 @ 11:30 AM

Pr. 2 - Tuesday, June 9 @ 11:30 AM

Pr. 3 - Wednesday, June 10 @ 11:30 AM

Pr. 5 - Friday, June 12 @ 11:30 AM

(I've also posted this information in TEAMS, but wanted to post it here as well...just to be sure! )

I would also like to read you something when we meet.  Whether or not you have been accepting and working on the LOs that I have offered, you are most welcome to join our end of semester meeting!  I look forward to seeing and speaking with as many of you as possible on "our" day.  Take care, stay safe, and stay positive! :)


June 02
Week #9 (June 1-5) PDCP LOs for Ms. LaBerge's PDCP Students

This week's LOs will focus on Drugs & Addictions.  I have already posted the instructions and readings/assignments in the Week 9 (June 1-5) channel in both the period 1 and period 2 TEAMS.  I will post the same information in the Pr. 3 (Week 9) channel on Wed. June 3 and in the Pr. 5 (Week 9) channel on Thurs. June 4 (not on Friday).    Carefully read the post and follow the directions. There are 2 items I'd like you to submit to me.   ​BE SURE TO COPY AND SAVE THE DOCUMENTS TO YOUR OWN DEVICE BEFORE WORKING ON THEMGood luck, take care, enjoy your week, and please do your best to get your responses to these Week 9 LOs (and any other outstanding LOs) to me no later than next Thursday, June 11 Teachers are back in the school this week and we have lots of PDs planned for us.  As such, I will not be having any TEAMS meetings this week.  Let's plan to have a year end meeting in TEAMs during your regular period day, next week.  I'll get back to you with a time once I know what is expected of us on this end! :)

May 31
online work for CCull Physics 112 week June 1 to June 8
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