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June 07
Pre-Calculus 110 Exam Review

Pre-Calc 110 Exam Review.pdfPre-Calc 110 Exam Review.pdf (with solutions)

June 07
Calculus 120 Exam Review
June 06
Exam Review for English 112

I have uploaded to our wikispace the 3 PowerPoints needed for a review for the exam. Happy studying! Summer break is just around the corner!

June 06
WIKI space update for spring exams 2017

WIKI space update for spring exams 2017

The Wiki space name is CCullPhysicsFHS1



You have to join wikispaces by choosing a username and password. You also need to enter your email address.

​The join code is 7H3CHJM and is good until next wednesday​.This gives you all the scanned pages of my handwritten solutions to all the REVIEW SHEET questions for P112 and P122.

June 06
CCull HW for LAST WEEK of classes

CCull HW for LAST WEEK of classes


We are doing review sheet each day this week except WED.

WED will be the last day in the lab​ to finish the Wind Generator and leave your Journal to be marked.



We are covering light this week.

Light sheet # 1 to 5 are due Tuesday.

Refraction selected questions are due WED.



EE circuits lab you are doing mon and tues is due WED.

Review Sheets given out on WED.

June 02
Math 9A Exam Review
June 02
Functions of the Family

Today's class,

  • Discussion of the 6 Functions of the Family and their contributions to Canadian Society.
  • Group dicussion Generation Boomerang (Documentary)

Functions of the Family.pptxFunctions of the Family.pptx
June 01
English 10

Great Book Talks Today!

We will continue to work on our Documentary reports tomorrow (Friday) They will be due Monday.

June 01
Individual and Family Dynamics 120

Today we watched the documentary Boomerang Generation.


There are questions for this Documentary available in the red bin in class.


May 29
Writing Your Bio
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