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 PSSC Members

Co-ChairBaker-Gordon, Rhonda (5th year)Year:2016-2017
Co-chairSt. Amand, Jeannine (3rd year)Year:2016-2017
Home and School RepTBAYear:
Student School RepLalla, Shean (1st year)Year:2016-2017
Student School RepKelly, Sarah (1st year)Year:2016-2017
MemberFlinn, Karen (2nd year)Year:2016-2017
MemberGeisterfer, Priscilla (3rd year)Year:2016-2017
MemberGorman, Coleen (2nd year)Year: 2016-2017
MemberPeasley, Neville (2nd year)Year: 2016-2017
MemberTaylor, Mark (3rd year)Year: 2016-2017
D.E.CHaslam, Stephanie (1st year)Year: 2016-2017
TeacherBatt, Peter (7th year)Year: 2016-2017
PrincipalThomas, Shane (7th year)Year:2016-2017

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