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Anglophone School District - West

​​ 1-888-388-4455 / 1-506-453-5454
1135 Prospect Street, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 3B9
You can email us at:
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Fredericton Education Centre

​​ 1-506-453-5454

1135 Prospect Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3B9

Fax: 506-444-5264

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Oromocto Education Centre

​​ 1-506-357-4113

17 Miramichi Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 2P6

Fax: 506-357-4011

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Woodstock Education Centre

​​ 1-506-325-4546

138 Chapel Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 1H3

Fax: 506-325-4490

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ASD-W is divided into 3 Education Centres. To find out which Education Centre your school belongs to, see below:
These centres are listed below:


 ASD-W School Directory

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