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May 20
Grade 1 Students Enjoy Word Work Stations

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May 10
Today's Learning Ideas


Add a prefix or a suffix to change the meaning of the root words listed below.  You can create three columns.  First column- Prefix.  Second- Root Word. Third- Suffix
Choose one word for each root word to write in a complete sentence.


friend, port, build, team, farm, listen, love, hand, governor, marine

Below is a poetry pack.  Students can read over the pack and try some of the exercises.  Next, students can write their own poems at home and bring them to school to share. 




Below is a website that explores Force and Motion.  Students are invited to explore this webpage.



Listen to the radio in French or watch a French television show. 

Social Studies


Ancient Civilizations.docxAncient Civilizations.docx

As we continue to explore ancient societies, students are invited to read over the notes and make connections to what they already know about the past.  We will continue to explore ancient civilizations in class.  If possible students can use the internet at home to create a list of ancient civilizations and see if they can find them on the map. 


May 08
Miss Sivitilli's Grade 2 Class

Hello Husky Families,

I am certainly missing my Grade 2 students and can’t wait to get back to routine! In the meantime, here are a few ideas to do with your child during our flood days.

READ READ READ: Whether it be good fit books or interest books, please encourage your child to read as much as possible. Our Grade 2 Provincial Comprehension Assessment is coming up (May 21-25) so the more they read, the more prepared they will be.

Spelling Review: Attached is the 103 No Excuse Word List. Our big test will be set back a week. It will take place in small increments (approximately 25 words per day).  Please practice these words with your child.

Math: We’ve just finished up our unit on Addition and Subtraction for 2-Digit numbers. Encourage your child to practice these facts, as well as mental math up to 20. Attached are a few practice sheets.

We are starting our unit on Geometry. Discuss shapes with your child. Ask them to find 2-D and 3-D shapes throughout the house (ex. a rectangle could be the mirror, a cylinder could be a water glass, etc.)

Here are a few awesome learning websites as well:






I hope everyone is safe and dry and I look forward to being back at C-NCS!


Miss Sivitilli J​Grade 2 Flood Days Activities.docxGrade 2 Flood Days Activities.docx

May 08
Mr Wilson's 3/4 class and 4/5 math

Good afternoon Husky families,

It is my sincere hope that all of you are safe and dry!  There is uncertainity regarding when our school will reopen. For the time being I have provided a number of academic options for students to work on until further notice. For those families who are impacted by the flooding in one way or another your priorities will be with family and friends. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail me at robert.wilson@nbed.nb.ca

1) Please continue to have students read for 20-25 minutes. I have been encouraging students and family members to read aloud to one another. After a reasonable time please check in with your child and check for understanding. We are focussing on inferrencing. Questions such as

From the title/heading, you can predict that the text will be about …..? Why do you think …..? 

 Why did …..? How do you know that …..? What might happen if …..?

What can you infer from the picture on the page? Why do they …..? How do you know?

Do you think …..? Why do you think that? Why does the author use the word …..?

What is the author implying?/What message is the author trying to give?

2) For Math Practice, I would encourage parents to sign onto Studyladder.ca. It's a free site. Please press view all resources. Students are encouraged to practice addition/subtraction of 2, 3, 4 digit numbers. Please examine decimals -converting fractions to decimals 10ths, 100ths, and for grade 5,  1000.

3) Students are encouraged to write a short piece about their experiences over the last number of days. 

Thank You,


Robert Wilson

May 08
Miss. Levesque's Students

​Good afternoon Husky families,

It is my sincere hope that all of you are safe and dry!  Due to the uncertain timeline of when the school will reopen please see below for some academic reminders and content that you can look at while we are awaiting the school to reopen.  For those of you who may be in distress please focus on your familial priorities.  Those of you who are not in distress please offer support to your fellow community members in any form that you can.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at morgan.levesque@nbed.nb.ca.


Biology 12 students:

1. We will be having our DNA Unit Test on the first day back.  Please take your time to study all of the notes and work completed in class on this content. 

2. We will be performing two dissections following the Unit Test.  The frog will be dissected to study the digestive system, please review your Bio 11 notes on this topic and/or read through pages 978-984 from your textbook, as well as pages 985-989 on the Excretory System.

3.  In preparation for the sheep eye dissection please read pages 906 and 907 from your textbook.


Numbers, Functions & Relations 10 students:

1.  Please review your notes on independent/dependent variables and domain and range and have all associated homework complete for when you return to school.

2.  Look up the definition for Discrete Data and Continuous Data and copy these definitions into your notebook with an example for each.

3.  You will be writing Provincial Assessments in both Math and Science when you return.  If you have time please look over the content in your Math notebook from this and last semester, as well as your Science notebook.  If you no longer have your Science notebook please look up the Scientific Method to refresh your memory on how experiments are conducted.


Physics 11 students:

1.  Don't forget to complete your Dynamics Theory Review, as well as your Newton's Law and Friction questions.  These will be checked for completion upon return, but more importantly serve as your Review for the upcoming Dynamics Unit Test.  The next class period we have will be dedicated to reviewing the content of these questions, as well as other practice questions on Kinematics/Dynamics and momentum.

2.  Please review all of the exemplar and textbook practice questions that we covered in the Dynamics Unit.  They will serve as great review for the upcoming Test.

3.  I have tentatively rescheduled our Guest speaker to come in for Friday afternoon and will make adjustments if need be, pending the opening of school.


PreCalculus 11 students:

1.  Review your notes and work on all of the content involving radicals that you have been given so far; going from mixed to entire radicals and vice versa, adding and subtracting radicals, as well as multiplying and dividing radicals.  All homework on this content should be complete by the time we return to school.

2.  As many of you do not have textbooks, please ensure that you are comfortable with all of the content covered on radicals thus far or be prepared with questions to ask upon return so that we can move on to new content immediately.

3.  The guest speaker on accident reconstruction, from a calculated perspective, has been tentatively rebooked for Friday afternoon.


Sending my well wishes out to you and yours! 

Sincerely, Miss. Levesque


May 08
Curriculum for Middle Level Students

Hi Middle Level Huskies,

I hope you are all safe and dry. If you are looking for something to do during your time away from school, try this:



Read to Self (20 min a day) - read your library book (if you have it), a book from home, a magazine, news stories, etc.

When you have finished reading:

  • write a summary of what happend in the story/article.
  • infer - using evidence from the text and background knowledge what will happen next?
  • make connections
    • this character is like me because....
    • I understand this part of the story because....
    • ect...
  • visualize (I picture...)


Poetry - write a couple poems. I have added a document to my page to provide examples. I will add more if we are out for a longer period of time.

Write a poem or personal narrative describing the past week away from school. I bet many of you have interesting stories to tell.

Social Studies

Interview 3 or more people (parents, grandparents, family friends, aunts, uncles, etc) to find out a little about their jobs/careers.

Where do you work?

What is your job title?

Provide a job description.

What types of education and/or training do you need for this line of work

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

What are some positive things about your job? Negative?

     Bring your questions and answers to school with you when we return.


    I hope to see you all soon,

    Mrs. Cordy

    May 08
    ​Curriculum Continuation​ for Flood Days
    Dear Husky Families, 
    It is with my upmost concern that you are all safe, well, and dry!  Please do not feel obligated to carry out the below curriculum suggestions in a time of distress.  I am writing the proposed  learning suggestions in the best interest of your child to ensure that learning can continue at home due to our current school closure.  Your son or daughter is invited to complete the following learning tasks in the event that school continues to remain closed.  Or, if they are simply looking for something to do today the below assignments can be completed and turned into me when our school is reopened.  Please feel free to email me your thoughts, questions, or concerns at erin.jones@nbed.nb.ca

    Read to Self for 20 minutes
    After the reading is completed, students can write a summary about what they read and make an inference on the textual evidence  (if applicable) on what that think might happen next.  Students are invited to read between the lines and state what they think might happen next.  For example: Based on what I read, I think that..... because (evidence to support thinking from the text)

    Read to Someone for 15 minutes
    Students should stop and check for understanding by explaining who and what they read about

    Students are invited to notice the use of dialogue in their reading and read as if they are a character speaking in the book.

    Social Studies
    Personal Timelines went home with students on Thursday.  Students were asked to gather the necessary information to complete the timeline and bring those items and facts to school.  All directions and information are on the assignment sheet and students are invited to complete their personalized timelines at home and come to school prepared to present their work to the class.  I am looking forward to hearing about your most valuable memories to date.  

    Plan and Perform
    Students can do test trails to see if the height of a ramp will affect the speed of an object

    Students will need a ramp and a dinky car or an object to slide down the ramp.

    Step 1-students should write out their question.
    Will the height of the ramp affect the speed of the dinky car?
    Step 2- make a prediction/hypothesis
    I think that ....... because.....
    Step 3- gather materials
    Step 4- Conduct the experiment
    Step 5- record results
    Students should time and record their results on paper.  Each trail should be completed at the same height at least three times fro a fair trail.  I invite students to try three different heights with their ramp.  Students must use the SAME ramp for all test trails.
    Step 6- talk about results
    Step 7- conclusion
    Students must state if their prediction/hypothesis was right or wrong.

    Analyze and Explain
    ​Students can put their data into a bar graph to show results.
    Also, students are asked to identify their independent​ and dependent variable in their experiment.  

    May 08
    Some Suggestions for Card Games
    May 08
    Grade 1 Ideas for Learning at Home

    learning ideas teacher page.JPG

    May 07
    Visual Arts

    ​Ok, students for this week since we may not be at school, I would like you to sketch in your book if you have it or on blank paper of your feelings and what you are seeing around you with the flooding.... go outside a sketch four pictures of the flooding if you can

    I would like you also to be thinking  about a design you could draw on an eraser! Simple but with details.... we will be carvingthem out and using them to make prints. If you have access to a computer and internet please google “ eraser carvings”. We are essentially making stamps. Please note if you are going top do words yoiu must do them backwards so when you stamp them they come out properly

    I would like you to start thinking about a mixed medium peace as well for your final exit project..... You should draw upon everything you have learned this term and develope something really creative and unique.... you may google mixed medium projects to get some ideas if you wish. I will be starting to talk about this finial assignment a lot in the next few weeks.

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