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March 14

I have recieved word about middle level drama festival time.....It will be Monday May 7Th, 2018 at 12:15-1:45pm in the Black Box Theatre. ​


Very exciting

March 12
We Act Needs Your Plastic Bags

As part of our local initiatives the We Act Club in collaboration with the Fall Brooks Center is making blankets for our local homeless shelter. In order to create the blankets we need recycled plastic bags​.  If you or someone you know has bags please send them to the school to Ms. Creighton with your student!​

March 12

Welcome back,

So still waiting to hear about the Middle School time slot for Drama Fest.... We will next week start to increase practices, this means Mrs. Douthwright will be chooseing another day of the week for after school practices for both middle and high​. Most likely Tuesdays, a notice will be sent home this week regarding time and dates... All websites and calenders will be updated also.


Practice this week will be Middle Level drama after school Thursday from 3-4pm March 15th

March 02
Drama Festival

Hey High School,

We have been given a date for the high school play. It will be May 10th, 2018 at the Black Box Theater in Fredericton and our time slot is 10:15am -11:45 am​

March 01
Drama Practice

Middle School Drama practice that is schedualed for after school today has been cancelled due to weather conditions. See you all after the break!​

February 27
Drama Practice

Middle Level don't forget that you have practice after school this Thursday from 3"00 to 4:00 pm


High School due to the fact that your practice falls during March Break ... you will have practice this Thursday at Lunch in the artroom.​

February 21
High School Drama Practice

Don't forget tomorrow is practice for High School Drama from 3:00pm to 3:30pm maybe a bit longer if needed. Please arrange for drives.​

February 15
High School Drama

Play scripts have arrived.... very excited to get started working on thie years play "Country Ella"... start studying your lines folks !

February 15
Middle School Drama

Just a reminder to study those lines... We are hoping to have everyone off script after March Break!​

February 09
High School Drama

​Due to the fact that school was cancelled and we missed our practice ..... next practice will be held Thursday February 15Th at noon in the Artroom.

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