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June 21
2017-2018 Yearbooks on Sale!

The 2017-2018 yearbooks can still be purchased on the last day of classes June 22 for $45.00 each.  Students who have pre-ordered their yearbook will receive it tomorrow!​

May 18
Ally Week May 22-25

Did you know that of the 923 Canadian youth that identified as trans, 70% reported being victims of sexual harassment?  C-NCS will be hosting an LGBTQI+ Ally Week from May 22-25 at the school. This week will be dedicated to raising awareness for the LGBTQI+ population and promoting acceptance in both our school and community. Stay tuned for more details about the exciting events the Gay-Straight-Alliance is planning as well as the guest speakers that will be supporting us!​

May 10
We Act Activity Afternoon on May 11th Cancelled

Due to the flooding and school being closed, the activity afternoon scheduled for Friday May 11th will need to be cancelled.

May 08
Drama Festival Updates

​OK everyone, as it looks right now neither high or middle level will be making it to festival unless they open the highway by Thursday. Middle Level was reschedualed for Friday morning at 8:40 am at the Ted Daigle ( STU) but without drives we cannot go.

I can try and reschedual High School as well for Friday but I know one cast member is leaving on a planned trip so things don't look good.

I hope everyone is safe and sound and please know I am very proud of all your hard work this year in drama.

We will celebrate soon some how

Have a wonderful day and stay dry

Call or text if you have questions 1-506-476-0111

May 07
High school Dramas

​as far as I know high school is still good for Thursday as long as highway is open of course.... please call me if need be 476-0111

May 07
Drama festival Middle level

​ok everyone we are able to go Friday to festival but we will still need parents to drive.... if you are still willing to drive please contact me 476-0111 today Tks.... don’t know time yet though they will perform but we will still leave at 8:30 am from school

May 06
Middle Level Drama

​ok everyone... no school tomorrow means no festival.... spread the word.... I am in the works of trying to get you in on another day this week if possible! I hope you are all safe and sound.... I’m very proud of you all for your hard work! 

May 03
Middle Level Drama Festival

​ok Parents and students, as you may have heard the highway is closing tonight due to flooding, if it is still closed Monday.... we will not be going to Festival unfortunately:( Please check back for an update 

April 27

Congrats Everyone..... The plays were awesome last night.... You should all be very proud​

April 23

OK tomorrow due to it being a half day we are having a dress rehursal after school.... Students are asked to bring there lunch and any other costume items they need.


Parents pick up time is still 4pm


Those students that have a vollyball game in middle school will need to bring their supper as well as lunch.


​ a notice will be coming home today stating all of this​




Mrs D

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