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January 18
Announcements for week of Jan 21

​Hello Huskies

This is Ms Bishop and here are your announcements for the week of January 21.

Exam week for High School will begin. Please see the exam schedule on the school website.
Should school be cancelled on Monday please note that exams will move ahead one day.
Monday will be on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday ect.

There will be no hot lunch next week

Welcome to K presentation is here at C-NCS on January 28th 1:15-2:30. If you know of someone in the area with a student heading to school please share this information and have them contact the school.

Exciting June dates are in Prom will be June 17 and Graduation is June 19.

Please stay safe and warm this weekend

January 14
Jan 14th

​Hello All,

This week at C-NCS we are busy preparing for exams. The exam schedule has been uploaded to the school website. Please note that the ELPA will be written on Wednesday the 23rd for all grade 9 students and any grade 11/12 students who need to re-write. This exam is a provincial requirement for graduation.

Wrestling is Wednesday and Thursday this week from 3-4:30.

PSSC is Wednesday at 6:30 all are welcome.

Please note that Exams will begin at 8:30 am and the busses will depart at 11:00 am. Students may leave the exam room no earlier than 10:00, at this point they may leave the building and head home. If students leave the building they are not to return.
There will be no hot lunch services for students during exam week.

Our Ice rink is almost ready to be enjoyed by all - we are flooding the rink tonight so please do not go on the ice until it is frozen. We have had people walking on the ice when it is not ready and this has damaged the ice. We want everyone to enjoy this rink and we will be sure to make an announcement when it is ready!

Stay warm,

Ms Bishop

January 14
Exam Schedule

Exam week January 21-25

Monday 21

Tuesday 22

Wednesday 23

Thursday 24

Friday 25

Monday 28

Tuesday 29


Math 9









Science 9




School cancellation exam make up day

Turn around / PL day no school for ALL students unless there has been an exam cancelation

Turn around day no school for HS

students unless there has been an exam cancelation


Social Studies 10





GMF 10









Work place Math 110



Foundations 110






History 112/113






Chemistry 112






Pre Cal B 120







Should there be a school cancellation for one day the exams will all move ahead one day

For example: IF schools are closed on Tuesday 22 – Tuesdays exams would be on Wednesday, Wednesday’s exams would be on Thursday and Thursday’s exam would be on Friday.

Should there be a school cancellation for 2 days the same procedure would follow, and the last exam Science 9 would be given on Monday the 28th.

Should there be a school cancellation for 3 days or more the exams will continue to be moved a head and second semester will be delayed.

January 10
French Second Language

​Parents who wish to enroll teir children in the Grade 1 or Grade 6 Entry to French Immersion Programs are required to complete the electronic registration form located on the ASD-W web site (www.asd-w.nbed.nb.ca).  On-line registration will be open on January 15, 2019. 

Information will be sent home with Kindergarten and Grade 5 students for parents to read and decide if they would like to enroll their child in the French Second Language Programs. 

December 17
Girls Basketball

​Due to weather the girls 4:30 practice is cancelled.


December 17
Year books from the past

​Good Morning

It is December 17th and this is Spencer for SRC.

Are you missing that one last holiday gift? We have found what you need! A C-NCS yearbook from days gone bye. We have many yearbooks for sale at $10 a book from the following years.
If you would like one please send money in with your child and a slip of paper that tells us the year(s) you are looking for we would be happy to send it home with them.

In addition this is a reminder for any parents who would like to allow their student to shop this Wednesday the K-5 will shop first and should there be gifts left over ML and HS are welcome to come and shop as well all gifts are $5.

Have a beautiful snowy day!

December 14
Week of Dec 17

​Hello Husky Families,

Here are a few things you need to know for this upcoming school week

Monday is Farm to School and Dress as your favourite holiday character

Tuesday is Dress in Red and Green

Wednesday is our School Shopping day. K-5 are welcome to shop for gift for their parents $5 a gift. Anyone who has their money will have the opportunity to go into the gift room shop for their parents and have the gift wrapped. Thank you to our parent volunteers for helping on this fun day! Hot lunch provided by the Culinary class will be provided and it is Crazy Hair Day!!

Thursday is Tacky Holiday Sweater Day and should school be closed for any reason on Wednesday this will also be the shopping day.
Should there be gifts left over to buy on Thursday ML and HS are welcome to come down and shop. All gifts are $5.00

Friday is our last day prior to the break. For HS students and staff it is a full day.

This message has been brought to you by Early Bed Time and Limited Sugar Intake - as the week before the holidays is upon us all educators far and wide are begging parents to remember you have them from 4-bed time we have them all day long :-)

Have a wonderful weekend
Ms Bishop

December 11
Gifts for Dads

We have a good amount of gifts for the students to go shopping for however we are short on gifts for Dads.

As well many students have not sent their money in. We would hate for anyone to be heart broken on the day and not be able to shop. Please send in the $5.00 per parent ASAP and give it to the classroom teacher.



December 07
Dec 10th announcements

​Hello Husky Families

This is your Acting VP Mr Tucker with your announcements for the week of December 10

Tomorrow Saturday December 8 from 8-11 am the Culinary tech class will be hosting a pay what you will family breakfast. There will be baked goods for sale. All proceeds will go to fund the operation of the Culinary tech class and co-curricular events.

Monday is our Farm to School Day

Tuesday the Coles Island Community Church will be providing lunch - Pizza and a dessert- for all students and staff at C-NCS. This is the second lunch provided by our community partners. Last week our delicious lunch of homemade chicken and rice soup was provided by Debora Kantor and her friends from the Church of Good Shepard.

Wednesday is our School Holiday Concert. There will be an open dress rehearsal at 1:30 and the evening show is at 6 parents and community members are welcome to attend either showing. This is a pay by donation event and all proceeds will go to the Music Department.

This week all students from grades 4 to 12 will be participating in the OurSchool or previously known as Tell Them From Me Survey. This survey is a way to gather data about school safety, positive environment, peer pressures and the general wellbeing of our students. This survey is province wide.

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you all tomorrow - Be sure to get here before the bacon is gone!

December 05
Changes to the Healthier School Food Environment Policy 711

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Today the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development announced revisions to Policy 711: Healthier School Food Environment.
These changes provide flexibility and empower local school communities to make informed decisions about the health and well-being of their students.
As part of these new standards, chocolate milk and 100 per cent fruit juice will be permitted to be sold in public schools.  
There will also be some flexibility for schools providing breakfast programs to students who need a better start to their school day.
For fundraising and special events, schools will be empowered to organize activities and occasions that respond to the needs of the local school community.
In-school celebrations, holidays, and special occasions will be permitted, although timing of these events must be reasonable and undertaken in moderation.
The overall main goal of the policy will continue to be to promote and make available healthy foods and beverages at school whenever and wherever possible.
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