Early Learning and Child Care Facility License Renewal Process​​​​​​​​​​​​


On a yearly basis, Early Learning and Childcare Facilities must undergo an annual inspection in order to be granted a Renewal License.  In order to prepare the necessary documentation you will be sent a reminder 120 days in advance of the date of your license expiry date.  Required documentation must be received by the Early Childhood Services Coordinator assigned to your facility 90 days prior to expiry.   The Early Childhood Services Coordinator will complete the annual inspection following receipt of the required documentation.  Fire and Health inspectors must also provide a recommendation for renewal. The following steps will assist you in preparation for your annual inspection.
Please note.  Early Childhood Services Coordinators no longer require copies of staff documentation for First Aid, Criminal Records, Social Development Records, Staff Medical forms.  The renewal form requires the operator to verify that documentation is up-to-date and meets the regulations for all staff.  All documents must be in staff files and accessible for review when inspections are completed. 
Please note that Tuberculosis test results are part of the staff medical records and must be in the each staff file.

The following documents should be reviewed to familiarize yourself with the standards and curriculum expectations.

Child Daycare Operator Standards
Regulations 83-85 of the Family Services Act
Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework

The following forms and documents must be fully completed in order for the renewal application to be processed. Please note that there are different forms and requirements for Daycare Centres and Community Daycare Homes.

  1. Application for Renewal - Daycare Centre
  2. Application for Renewal - Community Daycare Home

Please send the completed approval form and all required documentation to the following address:
Attention Anna Marie Hayes
Anglophone West School District 
Early Childhood Services
1135 Prospect Street.
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 3B9
Should you need to contact someone concerning the application process please call Anna Marie Hayes at ###-###-#### or you may use the “Contact Us” section of this website to email or call an Early Childhood Services Coordinator should you have already been in contact been with one of them. 
The renewal fee should be included with the renewal application form. Cheques should be payable to the Minster of Finance.

Fee Schedule

Approval and Renewal for Child Day Care Facilities


Effective Fee - April 1, 2014


Day Care Facilities - 6 - 25 spaces


Day Care Facilities - 26 - 60 spaces




Day Care Facilities - 6 - 25 spaces


Day Care Facilities - 26 - 60 spaces


Day Care Facilities - 60 children and more