Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision Program

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The New Brunswick Association of Optometrists, along with the Government of New Brunswick, are working together to encourage every child to have a comprehensive eye exam before entering kindergarten.  A full eye exam is the only way to ensure that your child can see well.


Here are questions that parents frequently ask:



Q. I don’t have insurance. How can I pay for an eye exam?


A. The Healthy Smiles Clear Vision program covers basic items, such as a yearly exam, lenses and frames. More information is available at Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision – Vision Benefit for Four Year Olds ( 

Get the brochure here:

If you have further questions about the Healthy Smiles, Clear Vision program, please contact Medavie Blue Cross toll free at 1-855-839-9229.  Once your child has had an eye exam, your optometrist will complete a summary form that they will give to you for your records.


Q. Why is it important that my child have an eye examination before starting school?


A. About 80 percent of children begin school without a comprehensive eye exam, yet vision problems have been identified as one of the major factors that limit a child’s ability to learn.


Q. How many kindergarten children have vision problems?


A. One out of every four children enters school with an uncorrected or undiagnosed eye health or vision problem. This is based on research in New Brunswick and is consistent with other provinces.


Q. What if my child is diagnosed with a vision problem?


A. Your optometrist will recommend the appropriate treatment, for example, glasses, vision therapy or referral to an ophthalmologist.


Q. How do I find an optometrist?

A. If you don’t currently have a family optometrist, you can find one in your area by looking on the web site:​


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call the New Brunswick Association of Optometrists at 506-458-8759 or e-mail​